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Key dates over November 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 10

6th November 1918 - The American Convalescent Soldiers

Rolling casualty count: 11468

War Front:

1st Batt: There was an infantry Brigade Boxing contest where the Batt won 4 weights out of 5.

2nd Batt: At 5.30am the leading Worcs platoons rushed across the bridge the sappers had built in the night. There was some enemy machine gun fire and the Batt took cover and stayed in captured positions and the 19th Brigade passed through the Line of the 100th Division to continue the advance.

3rd Batt: At 2300 hours, the Batt moved from Eth and relieved the 6th KSLI in positions on the west bank of the River Hogmeau. Batt HQ was at Flamenerie.

4th Batt: Batt moved at 0830 hours from Croix and marched to Petit Tourcoing where it billeted. Rain was continuous.

14th Batt: Batt worked under the 22nd Corps on the Maing - Famers –Artois Road. Capt AW Hegarty proceeded to RE Training School at Rouen. Capt N Sheridan RAMC was attached to the Batt for duty. Capt Dunlop went on leave and 2Lt SF Cowes went to hospital.

Home Front:

Major J. M. Redding, C.B., presided at a meeting of the Disablement Sub-Committee of the Worcestershire Naval and Military Pensions Committee. The Chairman reported that he was in correspondence with the Superintending Inspector for the West Midlands under the Ministry of Pensions and the Worcester Medical Society in respect of the establishment of a clinic in Worcester for the out-patient treatment of orthopaedic cases.

An Oddity: Mrs. Hill, Abberley House, Comer Road, Worcester, has in her garden a Pitmaston Duchess pear tree which for the past few days has been out in bloom.

The American Convalescent Soldiers: A fifteenth convalescent arrived on Tuesday. The guests were shown over the Royal Porcelain Works in the morning; they were taken up Malvern Hills in the afternoon; and they went to a dance in the evening. This morning they visited the Commandery and were enthralled by its history, which Mr. Littlebury told them. This afternoon they were invited to see Madresfield Court. They hurried back to tea in the Officers’ Mess at Norton Barracks by invitation of Col. Chichester. This evening they are invited to the Arcade Cinema or to the Glee Club.

Pte. W.C. Staples, Dorset Regt., son of Mr. and Mrs. Staples, 30, Bath Road, Worcester, has died from pneumonia, following influenza, in the Ebrington Barracks, Londonderry. His body was brought home and buried at Astwood. He joined up at the age of 18 only four months ago. Formerly he was in the Lads Brigade attached to the Countess of Huntingdon’s Church.

Worcester Infirmary: Week ending 2nd November: Patients admitted 13, discharged 15, in the House: Men 12, women 30, children 13, wounded soldiers 58, other classes of patients 5 – 118.

Obstruction: George Thompson, 12, The Shambles, fishmonger, was summoned for causing an obstruction with two barrels in the Shambles. P.C. Merriman said two barrels were on the path and caused an obstruction. Thompson admitted that the barrels were there, but he could not help it; he said he had no-one to help him. He was fined 10s.

General List: Today’s list includes 292 officers – killed 58, died of wounds 7, died 4, wounded 218. Six flying officers, previously posted missing, are now reported prisoners of war. The number of casualties in the ranks is 4,575 – killed 708, died of wounds 251, died 68, wounded 3,288, missing 250. The list includes the names of 497 who have been repatriated.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team