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Key dates over November 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 1

27th November 1918 - Another large parcel of clothes despatched to Belguim

Rolling casualty count: 11553

War Front:

1st Batt: Three ORs joined the Batt.

3rd Batt: Batt moved to Fienvillers.

4th Batt: Batt moved to Walham St Paul and new billets.

14th Batt: There were Coy inspections. Capt J Batchelor DCM, was granted special leave to go to England.

Home Front:

To the Editor: Dear Sir, - I think it is now about time the Dean and Chapter gave us something more inspiring on the Cathedral Chimes than those monotonous hymn tunes. One of those doleful strains, accompanied by a thick November fog, is not the antidote to the “flu” bacillus. FED UP.

Another large parcel of clothes was despatched from the Guildhall on Tuesday, consisting of 180 articles of clothing and boots and shoes; also a large box sent by Mrs. Berkeley, of Spetchley, which had originally come to her from friends in America for the Belgian Refugees, and which must have contained quite 500 things, so that this week the number is higher than last. Articles were sent by many ladies and gentlemen residing in the city, all of them useful and some exceptionally good and warm.

Canon Chappel suggests to parents of past and present pupils and to all Old Vigornians and friends of the King’s Cathedral School that, the War being over, the great cause for which 78 of the School’s brave boys have given their lives being won, they should at once raise a School memorial worthy of such devotion and sacrifice. He proposes (1) to place a mural tablet in College Hall, on which the full roll of honour shall be inscribed in gold. Cost, at least £20; (2) To provide the St. Wulstan’s window in the series now being placed in the Cathedral Cloisters as War memorials. This window has been reserved for the School by the Dean and Chapter as especially appropriate, St. Wulstan having in his day presided over the School as “Child Master” of the Monastery. Cost, about £150; (3) To provide a much needed new Cricket Pavilion and additional covered Fives’ Courts in the Playground. Cost, about £1,000; (4) To found scholarships for the education in the School of sons of O.V.s who have fallen in the War. One such suitable candidate seeks help for next year. For these objects he thinks there will be needed at least £2,000 – not an excessive sum for a School of such standing and traditions.

Mr. S. Southall, on behalf of Messrs. Williamson and Sons, applied for an ejectment order against Arthur Bryan, of 9, Foundry Alley. He said that the house was needed for improvements to be carried out. Work was going on both sides of the house, but it could not be continued until they had the house. Notice was served on the man to quit in September last. Mr. Southall said he did not want it to be thought it was hard on the man to be turned out now. They had a house in view which he could get if he tried to. The Bench made an order to take effect in 22 days.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team