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Key dates over November 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 1

28th November 1918 - More Christmas Sugar

Rolling casualty count:11554

War Front:

1st Batt: A large draft of 94 ORs joined the Batt.

4th Batt: Batt marched to Eghezee, a distance of 23 km

14th Batt: The Batt moved to Blaugies.

Home Front:

As a measure of precaution, the prize-giving of the Royal Grammar School is postponed from Dec. 5th to January 30th next. The health of the School is good, and on that account it is thought advisable to run no risks. The invitations issued for Dec. 5th are transferred to January 30th and the Headmaster hopes that all those who are able will come on that day.

Mrs. Lessimore, of 12, Netherton Place, Infirmary Walk, Worcester, has received information that her son, Gunner Ernest Lessimore, has died in Italy from influenza. Before the war he was employed at Heenan and Froude’s. Four years ago he lost his wife, and it is a sad circumstance that his daughter, aged 7, is now left an orphan. He had served both in France and Italy.

Worcester Board of Guardians: At a meeting on Thursday, on consideration of an application by a widow for relief, it was shown that £12 was expended on funeral expenses, exclusive of mourning. Mr. Burgess hoped it would go forth that people ought not to spend that amount for the “mere show” of the funeral; It was reported by the Master that a soldier had died in the Workhouse. Mr. Cadbury said that there was a rumour going about that had the soldier been admitted at once, instead of being kept waiting for several days, his life might have been saved. The Master said that the soldier applied on the Friday, and, in accordance with the request of the War Pensions Committee, he at once communicated with Mr. Griffiths. The Chairman said that no possible blame could be said to rest with the Workhouse. Mr. Griffiths sent the man to the Infirmary, where he was given some medicine, and then on the Monday, he was admitted to the Workhouse. The Master said the man lived only twelve hours in the House. Mrs. Browne said that there was an impression that it was degrading to go to the House, and that was the result.

General List: Today’s list includes 102 officers, of whom 25 were killed and 39 wounded. In addition, 248 officer prisoners of war have been repatriated, viz., 224 from Germany (including 21 Canadians) and 24 from Turkey. In the ranks were 3,819 casualties, of whom 503 were killed, 2,950 wounded, 74 missing, and 143 died of wounds. The list contains the names of 1,349 non-commissioned officers and men released – 1,127 from Germany (now in England), 186 from Bulgaria (4 have died since release), 5 from Turkey, and 27 from Austria.

More Christmas Sugar: Lord Bledisloe, the Chairman of the Royal Commission on the Sugar Supply, announces that, after consultation with the Consumers’ Council, it has been decided to grant an additional ration of a quarter pound of sugar for the week ending December 21 to all holders of ration books. The special increase of the ration previously announced for that week for children under six years of age will not therefore take effect; The Food Ministry points out that although the quantity of various dried fruits distributed to retailers for the Christmas trade will, if apportioned equally, amount to half a pound per person, it is impossible to guarantee that quantity to every would-be purchaser.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team