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Key dates over April 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 13


Rolling casualty count: 9461

War Front:

1st Batt: A dug-out was blown up by a mine and occupied by Batt. Batt then marched to Guyencourt to new billets.

2nd Batt: Batt marched back to camp near Westostre and after a rest, marched on to Mont des Cars, where they were visited by Brigade and Divisional Commanders.

3rd Batt: Batt moved into close support to 6th Duke of Wellington`s 147th Brigade and dug in.

4th Batt: Another attack beaten back by Batt and 88th Brigade.

10th Batt: Another unsuccessful attack by the enemy and relief came with French troops relieving the British at Kemmel.

Home Front:

WORCESTERSHIRE AND THE WAR – WORCESTER ODDFELLOWS’ INVESTMENTS – From information obtained from the various Lodges comprising the Worcester District of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity) Friendly Society, we find the sum of £16,887 has been invested by them (from their independent funds) in various War Loans. Of the sum, about £7,000 was invested during the year ended 31st March last, a large proportion being banked during “Tank” week, The total amount represents about £3 per member (exclusive of State Insurance). The District is justly proud of this record, also of the fact that more than one quarter of its adult members are on active service. The Roll of Honour at the end of 1917 contained the names of 120 members who had paid the supreme sacrifice.

TO THE EDITOR – COARSE FRESH-WATER FISHING – Sir, As there is some uncertainty amongst anglers as to the exact position in regard to fishing for coarse fresh water fish, I am instructed by my Committee to insert this letter. The only Order that has so far been made by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries under the powers recently conferred upon it by the Food Controller is one extending the open season from March 15 to April 14, inclusive and permitting coarse fish to be captured during that extra period under exactly the same local and general regulations as prevailed before March 15th.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team