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Key dates over April 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 10

9th April 1918 - Battle of the Lys. The Germans launch a second offensive (Operation Georgette) against the British line in Flanders, again capturing much ground. Fighting continues until 29 April.

Rolling casualty count: 9081

War Front:

1st Batt: Batt at Heudicourt, cleaning up equipment and clothing. Batt providing carrying parties.

2nd Batt: All Coys doing range practice from 9.30am to 1pm. Classes as usual and 80 men did Lewis Gun training. Lecture by Div. Com to all officers on the recent fighting.

4th Batt: Enemy bombardment on our Front Line early am. All details and transport moved from Soulsby Camp, Brandhoek, to School Camp, St Jean ter Biezen. Batt entrained at 4pm for Arras, but orders cancelled as enemy had broken through at Armentieres.

10th Batt: Batt still in Front Line trenches east of Messines ridge and the thunder of guns to the south caused preparations to meet the attack. The 3 Batts of the 57th Brigade were at front of about 3,400 yards, but posts were isolated and not sufficiently well manned to ensure resistance.

Home Front:

ALLEGED ATTEMPT TO POISON MISTRESS – Annie Bayliss was charged with administering strychnine to Fanny Wainwright at Hundred House. Prisoner, a bright looking girl, was servant to Mrs Wainwright, Hurtle Hill Farm, Dunley. She asked prisoner to get her a cup of tea and she brought it. After drinking two thirds of the tea, Mrs Wainwright felt ill and eventually suffered agony for several hours. A doctor was sent for and he used the stomach pump and the stuff extracted was found to contain strychnine and a bottle containing strychnine, which was on a high shelf in one of the rooms had been opened and part of the contents taken out. Evidence was given that prisoner told a boy about the house that she “wished the missus would peg out”, and told Mrs Wainwright’s niece that “it ought to have killed her. If I’d known I would have given her the lot”. Prisoner gave a total denial to the charge and she was acquitted.

WORCESTER SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL – A meeting of the Worcestershire Shakespeare Festival Committee was held at the Guildhall. The Mayor said that the Shakespeare Festival had been carried on successfully for 12 years. He recalled the first festival and the ladies and gentlemen present at the inauguration said it would be impossible to continue it, but in spite of the war it had been continued and it was largely due to the fact that they had been able to retain Mrs Day as their hardworking and admirable secretary. It had been decided to ask for donations towards the expenses, so that it would not be necessary to levy the entertainment tax. This year they had decided to give the proceeds to the Infirmary.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team