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Key dates over March 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 0

6th March 1918 - Soldier’s Theft of Cycle

Rolling casualty count: 8535

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt relieved by 7th HLI and marched back to billets in Ypres.

4th Batt: Batt moved by route march and train to Wieltje and went to Haslar camp, St Jean.

Home Front:

The Tramcar Accident: With reference to the accident on the Barbourne tramway route on Tuesday, we are informed by Mr. C.H. Built, the Manager of the Tramway Company that the facts are as follows: The trolley wheel left the wire near Shrubbery Avenue. The trolley pole swung over the side of the car and came into contact with one of the bracket arms of the street standards along the route. This caused the end of the pole (the swivel fulcrum) to be pulled out of its socket and the pole fell into the road. It did not fall through the top of the car and therefore the passengers in the car incurred no risk and no one, either outside or inside the car or in the road, suffered injury. The pole was overhauled and examined in November.

Soldier’s Theft of Cycle: William Fincher, alias Smith (32), a private at Norton Barracks, was charged with larceny, as bailee of a gentleman’s cycle, value £3, the property of Percy Lewis, cycle dealer, 50 St. John’s. Mrs. Lewis said that on February 10 prisoner went to her shop and hired a cycle, but did not return with it. Charles Leonard Harris, Boughton Street, said that the prisoner offered the bicycle for sale for £2. Witness eventually paid 30s. for it. D. S. Handley said that on February 16 he went with Mr. Lewis to Messrs. Heenan and Froude’s cycle shed and Mr. Lewis identified the bicycle out of about 80 others. Witness went to the Barracks and saw the prisoner, who first denied the theft, but eventually admitted it. Capt. Godfray, Worcestershire Regiment, said that prisoner was a very good soldier and had a good character. He had been wounded twice and gassed once. The Bench fined prisoner £1. The Chief Constable said that Harris had lost his 30s. on the bicycle. Mr Firkins said that he thought the least that prisoner could do was to refund Harris the money. Prisoner said he would.

An Old Inhabitant: On Sunday the death took place of a very old inhabitant, in the person of Frederick Warburton Oakley, at the age of 86. Deceased was the younger son of Mr. John Oakley, auctioneer and for many years had a large business as auctioneer and was the founder of the Cattle Market. He was a keen Conservative and in his time was very much interested in sport and literature. He retired from business some seven years ago. He leaves a widow, one son and two daughters. His elder son died from enteric in South Africa during the Boer War.

Pet Bird Sold for Wounded Soldiers: The amount realised from the sale of tickets for the ballot for a canary and cage given by Mr. Wakefield’s Bull’s Head, High Street, Worcester, was £14. The Committee gave 11s. 6d. to each of 22 wounded soldiers at Norton.

General List: The casualty lists issued on Tuesday night show the following losses: - Officers: Dead 21, wounded or missing 41; total 62. Men: Dead 50, wounded or missing 334; total 414.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team