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Key dates over March 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 8

30th March 1918 - Bad Language

Rolling casualty count: 8966

War Front:

1st Batt: At 6am the Batt moved forward to Remiencourt to the Bois de Senechal where it remained until 6.30 pm. It then moved forward through Castel and relieved the 16th Lancers and 4th Hussars in Ravine, north of Moreuil.

2nd Batt: Batt relieved by the 16th KRRC and moved to Ypres.

4th Batt: Our artillery very active from 7am to 8am. Inter Coy reliefs took place, with X Coy to Front Line, Y Coy to Wallemolen, Z Coy to Kronprinz and W Coy to English Camp.

Home Front:

Mr. and Mrs. Hemus of Wichenford, have received news of the death from wounds of their second son, Sec.-Lieut. C.H. Hemus, R.F.A. His brother, Lieut. D.G. Hemus, was killed in action on the 22nd. Lieut. C.H. Hemus, who was educated at the Worcester Royal Grammar School, was Captain of the School House for some time. Like his brother, he was a fine sportsman and very popular with all. He was home on leave less than a month ago. Great sympathy will be extended to Mr. and Mrs. Hemus and family in the loss of both their sons.

Bad Language: Ernest Dobbins (16), Corse Lawn, was summoned for using indecent language. He did not appear because of an accident, but wrote admitting the offence. P.C. Wiloe stated that at the Cross Roads, Staunton, he heard defendant, who was with other lads, use bad language. Asked why he was doing this, he said he was only talking to the other lads. The language could be heard 50 yards away. Witness had received numerous complaints of that kind of offence at the Cross in the evening time. The Chairman: It’s a case of coarse language at Corse. I am glad we have not had many of these cases. Defendant was fined 10s.

National Union of Women Workers: All women workers are invited to a meeting in the Guildhall on April 8. It will be of interest to all workers, whether paid or non-paid, in the home or outside. The objects for forming such a Union for Worcester City are: - Unification: The N.L.W.W. acts as a changing house for all work for women, girls and children. Corporatework: The Union should initiate all public work required in the place, such as the Mixed Club, on modern and self-government lines, now needed. Reconstruction: Consideration of reconstruction problems as they affect women and girls. The Union touches 2,500,000 women; its basis is too wide to be a Trade Union.

Mrs. Watkins, 14, Albany Terrace, Britannia Square, has received a wire saying that her son, Captain A.P. Watkins, has received a gunshot wound in the groin and is in hospital at Etaples. Captain Watkins, who is a member of the staff of the County Finance Department, is a son of the late Mr. A.P. Watkins, formerly connected with the firm of Watkins and Sayce. Captain Watkins was a well-known cricketer and a popular member of the Barbourne Club.

Although the Government have determined in principle to raise the age for service in the Army, they have not yet settled what the new limit shall be. The present limit applies to men who were not 41 on June 25, 1916 – that being the “appointed day” under the Military Service Act of that year. It is expected that the new limit will be either 48 or 50 but that only recruits classed A1 will be called upon to serve at the front. The Minister of National Service is now ascertaining the number of soldiers available at the various ages and upon his report the War Cabinet will act.

Not too old at Fifty: Fit men over military age and up to fifty years of age are urgently wanted for the Army principally for home service and special conditions are being offered. Men who are not liable under the Miltary Service Acts, but enlist voluntarily in the Royal Garrison Artillery or the Army Service Corps (Motor Transport), will be guaranteed service at home and as near their homes as it is possible to place them. They will not be transferred to any other branch of the service without their written consent. There are vacancies also for older men in the Royal Air Force and the Royal Engineers (Inland Water Transport). These men will be liable for service at home or abroad, but there are very interesting occupations open to them in connection with our latest fighting army. Any recruiting official will gladly give information to prospective recruits from civil life or to discharged non-commissioned officers and men who, though under no obligation, are prepared to enlist voluntarily in response to the present call.

Charge Withdrawn: Edward Price, ex-soldier, 33 Camperdown House, Newtown Road, was summoned by Mr. R. Taylor, Inspector of Nuisances, for not abating a nuisance of over-crowding. The Town Clerk (Mr. S. Southall) said that he had not been informed that morning that the defendant had left the house and he asked for the case to be withdrawn. There were two rooms. In the bedroom the defendant, his wife and five children lived. There were 770 cubic feet of air in the room, whereas the law said that there should not be less than 330 cubic feet per person. He mentioned these facts to show that the case was a proper one for the Health Committee to bring before the Court. The Bench allowed the case to be withdrawn.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team