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Key dates over March 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 3

11th March 1918 - Knocked Down by a Bullock

Rolling casualty count: 8542

War Front:

4th Batt: All Coys working on the Kronprinz to Waterloo Line. At 5.45pm the Bosche attacked the whole Divisional Front and the Batt was stood to. The attack was repulsed.

10th Batt: Batt resting and training at Beaulencourt, near Bapaume, for counter attacks.

Home Front:

To the Editor: Sir, - There are about 150 iron stand-posts with full length of chains (apparently useless) in the New Road, between the Severn Bridge and St. John’s, which if removed and erected in London and Bath Roads would be a permanent improvement to the roads mentioned and a protection to the Blind College students residing in the neighbourhood. Will the Streets Committee entertain the suggestion? The cost of removal would be small. Fred Hall, 153 London Road.

Knocked Down by a Bullock: Today, in All Hallows, Mrs. Rose Pugh of 12, Quay Street, was standing near a shop with her child, aged 2, in her arms, when a black bullock, the owner of which is not known, suddenly came upon her and knocked her down. She was shaken by the fall and her baby, whom she dropped, was bruised on the head.

Friends of Cpl. Ray Newell, R.E., formerly of Malvern Post Office, will be glad to hear that he has practically recovered from his serious illness contracted in German East Africa, excepting that he is susceptible to attacks of malaria. He is now on duty at Military Hospital in Simonstown, South Africa. He has regained his voice and is gaining golden opinions from the Press and public for his singing in Capetown and other places, where he has given his services at concerts in aid of the Red Cross, St. Dunstan’s Homes for Blinded Soldiers and Sailors, “Our Day,” etc.

Proposed New Worcester Parish: Nearly half-a-century ago Hallow, which was a part of the widely-scattered and thinly-populated ecclesiastical parish of Grimley, was constituted a parish of itself. Now it is understood that it is proposed to create a parish of Comer, which of the remaining parish of Hallow is the remotest from the church.Incidental to the rectification of boundaries it is proposed to transfer some area and about 400 population from St. John’s to St. Clement’s; and a tiny area on the eastern side of the river with a population of 40 or 50 from St. Clement’s to All Saints’.

Gambling: William Henry Duffett, 15 King Street, was charged with gambling. P.C. Tooze said that the defendant and seven others were playing cards. Five of the boys ran away, but the defendant and another boy were caught. P.C. Walters corroborated. Defendant denied that he was gambling and said he was only watching the other boys. Fined 5s.

The minimum wage for women enrolled in the Land Army has been increased from 18s. to 20s. per week and for those who have passed their efficiency test 22s. is now the minimum. Efficiency tests are being held weekly in Monmouth and will continue to be held until all the women land workers have been officially tested. Owing to the increased number of recruits new training centres for women have been opened in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team