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Key dates over February 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 2

21st February 1917 - Sixth son has to join up

Rolling casualty count: 5502

War Front: 2nd Batt: A quiet day in the reserve Position at Frise Bend. 2nd Lt CAN Fox, North Staffs Reg , appointed Adjutant of 2nd Batt, W Coy.

4th Batt: Transport moved off at 8.30 am for Bronfay Farm. Batt entrained at Corbie for Plateau, arriving1.30 pm. In the camp are large huts, each holding a Coy with QM Stores.

2/8th Batt: The Front Line and all communication trenches are now impassable.

10th Batt: Batt relieved by 8th Glos Reg and 4 platoons formed a working party.

Home front: Five Sons Serving – Sixth to Go – Paul Smith appealed for his son, George (19) single, B2., a motor steerer. The father said he had five sons in the Army – three in France, one in Salonika and one in Mesopotamia. If they took this son – his youngest – they might as well take him, as, owing to his health, he could not work full time and had to partly depend upon his son. The appeal was dismissed, the Tribunal saying they regretted, but other people had sent all their sons.

Worcester Board of Guardians – Snobbery at Workhouse Meals – Mr Ebenezer Baylis wrote thanking the Board for their kind expressions at the last meeting. The Local Government Board wrote accepting Mr Baylis’s resignation of a Guardian. With regard to the two female officers who had been asked to resign owing to their refusal to have their meals at a common table, they wrote asking for the return of their superannuation contributions. The Chairman thought the matter should be referred to the finance committee.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team