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Key dates over February 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 12

4th February 1917 - Food shortages in Germany and Austria-Hungary, caused by the British blockade and the harsh winter, cause widespread hardship and starvation. Becomes known as the 'Turnip Winter'.

Rolling casualty count: 5400

War Front: 3rd Batt; Very cold weather and hard frosts. Artillery and trench-mortar bombardmen tof the enemy promoted no retaliation

4th Batt: Batt marched to Guillemont Camp. Orders received for an advance party to be at Brigade reserve at 9am to proceed to new billeting area.

2/7th batt Batt left Marcheville and marched to Bussus-Bussuel and billeted there. Capt W Hancocks was evacuated sick to England.

2/8th Batt: Batt moved to billets at Alliel, near Ailly-le-Hout-Clucher for resting and training.

10th Batt: The bosch put over heavy barrage on our Front line and it was met with our retaliation. One of our planes was shot down. A patrol under 2nd Lt Shallcross reported that there was little enemy wire.

Home Front: Worcester Child Burned – Mother in Public House – City Coroners this afternoon at the Infirmary held an inquest into the death of Elsie Mary Carter, aged four years, 3 Court, St Martin’s Gate, who dies on Saturday. Acting House Surgeon said the deceased was admitted suffering from extensive burns on the body. There was no chance of recovery, death was due to shock following the burns. Mrs Florence Dyson, 4 St Martin’s Gate, said screams were heard on Friday morning and on going to the house found the door fastened on the inside. She burst it open and found the deceased in flames. There were other children in the house, but the mother was not there. There was no fireguard. Witness took the child to the Infirmary and afterwards went to two or three places after the mother and found he in a public house in the Shambles, she was sober.

Epidemic of German Measles – Three Worcester Schools Closed – Because of the epidemic of German Measles, which has attached (sic) numbers of the children in various parts of the City, the St Nicholas, St Clement’s and Rainbow Hill Infants’ schools have been closed.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team