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Key dates over February 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 11

27th February 1917 - Attempted murder of child

Rolling casualty count: 5556

War Front: 2nd Batt: Batt carried out 2 successful raids. The 1st one by 50 men of A Coy, the 2nd by a party of 150 volunteers. 15 prisoners were taken and much damage done. There were 35 casualties-35 other ranks were wounded.

4th Batt: Batt marched to Trones Wood to entrain for Plateau. Men had soup at the station pm and there was anti trench-foot treatment for all men.

2/7th Batt: There were inspections of men and equipment. Men had use of baths.

9th Batt: Men very weary. Batt stood fast and 14th Division continued the advance.

10th Batt: Two Coys moved to the front line at Puisant and came under the command of OC the 10th Royal Warwicks.

Home front: Kidderminster Mother Committed – Alleged Attempted Child Murder – The Kidderminster Magistrate on Monday committed to the Worcestershire Assizes Clara Pennell, on the charge of attempting to murder her child Hilda Pennell aged five years on January 22nd. Mrs Oliver told the Court that the accused came to her home and said “I’ve done something to Hilda with a poker”. The child, who had been ill with measles was found in bed in an unconscious condition with the skull beaten in and blood on the pillow and sheets of the bed. Dr Evans stated that for three weeks the child’s life was in danger, and while she was slowly recovering she was paralysed on the right side. The fractured bones had pressed on the brain and an operation had to be performed.

Concert at Battenhall Hospital – Fownes’ Choral Society gave their second concert at Battenhall V.A.D. Hospital. Mr T Gough conducted and the Society gave a good rendering of a selection of part songs for combined and male voices only. Encores were numerous and the men showed their appreciation of the Society by unstinted applause.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team