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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

21st November 1914 - Rise in beer duty paralyses hop trade

Rolling casualty count: 520

1st Batt: St Avaast ‘A’ Lines: Relieved 2nd Sherwood Foresters

2nd Batt: Relieved in trenches by French troops about 2:30am. Battalion collected near Hooge and marched via Halte-Potijze-Ypres-Ylamertinghe-Locre to Bailleul, where went into billets for a well earned rest (18 mile march);

3rd Batt: Kemmel: 2 cos in reserve trenches 2 in billets.

Worcester Hop Market: The hop market was very quiet today. Some declared that the statement made in Parliament as to the beer duty had, at any rate for the moment, paralysed the hop trade. Practically no business was done. During the week 2457 pockets have been weighed out, making a total for the season of 24,194.

A good story is told by Lance-Cpl Buckley, 3rd Worcesters, at present home in Dudley recovering from a leg wound. On one occasion a comrade of Buckley’s walked a little way from his company to the fringe of a wood, and there surprised 3 German soldiers. He fired and one fell, whereupon the other two at once dropped their rifles and held up their hands to surrender. “There was great laughter among his pals when he returned, grinning broadly and smoking his pipe, preceded by the 2 Germans still holding up their hands,” comments the narrator.

The City Library Committee decided to issue placards which will inform soldiers billeted in the city that they may use the News Room, Reference Library, and Magazine Room with the freedom accorded to citizens. They will also be allowed to have books from the lending department on producing the usual form, which should be signed by the people with whom they are billeted. The museum and art gallery are also open to the soldiers during the day time, and the art gallery will also be open until 9 o’clock every night, instead of on 2 nights a week.

Whist Drive for Shirt Fund: A most successful whist drive was held at the Guildhall (lent by the Mayor) on Thursday evening in aid of the Mayoress’s Fund for Providing Flannel Shirts for the Army. The Lower Hall was nicely decorated with flags etc. and 57 tables were occupied. The total amount raised was £30 2s 6d, and when expenses have been deducted, a sum of £22 will be handed over to the Mayoress’s Fund…There were 14 prizes, and these were distributed by the Mayoress, who was thanked.

Information researched by Sue Redding