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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

13th November 1914 - Cathedral concert for refugees

Rolling casualty count: 484

2nd Batt: In the trenches. Usual sniping;

3rd Batt: Ploegsteert: In billets. Company ‘A’ moved out to support trenches in support of Hamps Regt.

Pte G F Gilbert of the 8th Batt WR writes:- When we are not engaged on trench digging, we practise the attack, which, whilst being very interesting to those engaged in it, usually provides plenty of amusing incidents. One day last week several men were told off to act as scouts, no doubt to test their capabilities in this respect, and they were frequently questioned on what observations they had made, what their orders were, and the position of the enemy, etc. On one occasion, when asked by an officer what he was supposed to be doing, the only information the man could give was, “I’m in the ditch, sir.”

Letter to the Editor: Evesham Drill and Rifle Club: Sir- May I use your wide circulation in the district as a means of appealing to your readers for the loan of arms for our club? Any rifles, such as Lee-Metfords, Martinis, Mausers, Winchesters, and others which would necessarily be condemned for firing practice, would be of invaluable service to us for drilling purposes. There must be many houses in Worcestershire and the neighbouring counties which have such relics as we require, hanging on their walls, only harbouring dust, which could be at once made of some use, at any rate indirectly, in the service of the manhood of this country. I need hardly say that the greatest possible care will be taken of any arms entrusted to us, and would ask the kind lenders to put their name or some distinguishing mark on each rifle. Yours faithfully Guy K Bell, Hopefield, Evesham.

Entertainment at Witley Court: An entertainment, consisting of tableaux and recitations, were given in the Nursery at Witley Court, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of this week. It was arranged by Miss Ina Hodges (Senior Nurse in charge), and was for the purpose of providing funds for supplying gloves and mittens to our soldiers. The entertainments was well attended, and the performances much enjoyed by appreciative audiences.

Yeomanry Reserve: The Worcestershire Yeomanry (Reserve) Regiment are rapidly attaining a high state of efficiency. They will shortly be inspected by Sir Richard Temple. There is no news regarding the departure of the main Regiment from Newbury, but they are hourly expecting marching orders. They have been trained to concert pitch, and are fully equipped for service. Light-coloured horses and sword scabbards have been painted khaki. General Peyton, the Brigadier, who inspected the Regiments recently spoke in terms of high praise of the men.

Concert for Belgian Wounded:- A few members of the Cathedral Voluntary Choir, under the directions of their conductor, Mr WW Harris, gave an excellent concert to the wounded Belgians at the Infirmary, the arrangements having been made by the Matron (miss Herbert) and the nursing staff. The whole of the music was well rendered, and a rousing martial spirit introduced. The listeners were delighted, and showed their great appreciation by applause, and some broken words of English, indicating that they desired more singing.

Information researched by Sue Redding