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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

29th November 1914 - Inspection of 11th Worcestershires at Perdiswell Park

Rolling casualty count: 532

1st Batt: St Avaast ‘A’ Lines : 2 Platoons A Company moved back to Battn HQ and billeted new 1st Aid Post, and were employed in improving the communications between HQ and the trenches. Trenches getting very muddy in places much is a foot deep.

2nd Batt: Cpt Grimley and Lt Biscoe returned from leave. Batt attended Divine Service at 9:20am. Cpt Truman and Lts Hale, Lawrence and Foswell went on leave to England in the afternoon. Weather mild and moist;

3rd Batt: Westoutre: In billets.

To help the Belgian Relief Fund, a very successful social gathering was held in Birdport Schoolroom, Worcester on Thursday evening. The room was crowded, and the presence during the evening of two of the Belgian refugees, with the nurse in charge of the Home at St Catherine’s added much interest to the gathering. Mr Thomasson and the nurse were able to interpret to them what was going on and they were keenly interested, and joined with Mr Thomasson in singing their National Anthem. The room had been decorated with the Belgian colours and an interesting programme arranged by Miss A Gee and the members of her Bible Class.

Women’s Volunteer Reserve (in conjunction with the Women’s Emergency Corps) : Dear Sir, - In regard to the letter signed M M Williams, in your issue of last night, I think the writer must have misunderstood the object of the above organisation. The object of the formation of this Corps is to provide a physically fit, trained, and highly-efficient body of women, whose services may be offered to the State at any time which may seem necessary. It is beyond doubt that women who have been trained as signallers, telegraphists, despatch riders, and motorists, etc. might, in case of emergency, be of the utmost use in taking the place of men acting in these capacities, thus releasing them to take part in the defence of the country. Rifle shooting, although included in the curriculum, is quite a secondary object, and is only one of the many means whereby the efficiency of the corps can be attained. The corps will in no case act as an independent unit, but, if required, will be entirely at the disposal and under the control of the State. (Mrs) F. Lessingham Spreckley

Brigadier-General Thomas inspected the 11th Worcs on Friday. He inspected two companies on Pitchcroft and two on Perdiswell, and expressed satisfaction with the progress the men had made in their general training since he last inspected them about a fortnight ago. He was pleased with the improved appearance of the men, due to the fact that they were now in billets, and he expressed gratification that the citizens were treating the soldiers well. Col RM Rainey-Robinson was in command of the Company, and the Adjutant (Lt TJ Edwards), and other officers were present.

Information researched by Sue Redding