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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

11th November 1914 - Chrysanthemum Show abandoned

Rolling casualty count: 481

2nd Batt: Having obtained a supply of hand grenades through 6th Brigade during the night, able to successfully keep the enemy quiet. A very heavy attack developed on our right which ws successfully beaten off. Heaving firing during the whole day. Terrific cannonading;

3rd Batt: Ploegsteert: In billets. Furnished working parties to improve communications through Bois de Ploegsteert.

The outbreak of the war upset the plans for the promoters of the Worcester Chrysanthemum Show. They had intended to organise an exhibition of fruit and chrysanthemums, but this project was abandoned. But the Committee conceived the happy idea of organising a flower and fruit show for the benefit of the City War Relief Fund…It was a condition that those who sent flowers, fruit, or vegetables, should consent to them being offered for sale, after deducting the expense of organising the show. Lord Coventry set a noble example, his gift included a large number of very beautiful chrysanthemums, choice specimens of apples, pears, and grapes. Of special interest was a fine display of honey, sent by various persons, and attractively arranged by Mr Richings. Mr EJ Parsons had a nice collection of foliage plants and some large vegetables, including monster mangels.

Messrs Bovril, Ltd., have issued a neat booklet containing all the National Anthems of the Allies, as well as such popular songs as “It’s a long way to Tipperary,” “Men of Harlech,” etc. Both music and words are clearly printed so that they can be easily read by the pianist and the singer. It is peculiarly fitting that such a booklet should be issued by Bovril, which is doing such good work at the Front. A copy will be sent on receipt of a halfpenny stamp to Bovril, Ltd, Old Street, London, EC. The envelope should be marked “Anthem.”

The arrangements for the billeting of the 1100 men of the newly formed 11th Battalion of the Worcs Regt, which have been carried out by Capt J Lloyd Boxward and 2nd Lt Philip Leicester, with the assistance of the police, are now practically complete. Almost every householder in the Barbourne district has been called upon, and the officers concerned have been pleased by the manner in which the military demands have been met. Residents in all the other parts of the city have written asking to be allowed to take some of the men, but these offers cannot be entertained, it being necessary that the men should be congregated in one district. Their HQ will be at Barbourne College, which has been requisitioned. Certain alterations are being carried out at the house, including the demolition of walls to enlarge the apartments for mess and store rooms and greater accommodation in various ways is being provided. The men are expected to remain in the city for 3 months. Half the men of the 11th Battalion will arrive at Foregate Street Station from Salisbury Plain tomorrow at 1.50 and the other half at 3.50.

Will any wounded or sick men of the 2nd Battalion who would like any warm “comforts” write to Mrs C Westmacott, Lynton House, Bridge, Canterbury; any men of the 1st and 3rd Battalions to Mrs T Hughes, 1 New-Castle Drive, Nottingham.

Information researched by Sue Redding