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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

28th November 1914 - Healthy diet at Norton Barracks

Rolling casualty count: 530

1st Batt: St Avaast ‘A’ Lines : ‘A’ Company spent whole night improving trench and in endeavouring to make dug outs, but as trench was in a ditch every dug out filled with water as soon as it was dug. Sufficient cover however for 2 Platoons was constructed during the night.

2nd Batt: Guards on vacant billets relieved by the Batts of Brigade who returned today. A good number of stores came in from refilling point including a number of goat skin waistcoats for winter wear;

3rd Batt: Lindenhoek: In trenches. Relieved 8pm by Beds Regt marched to Westoutre and billeted there, and attached to 8th Brigade.

Sir George Bullough, Bart., Master of the Ledbury Hounds, has been appointed a superintendent of a remount depot, with the temporary rank of major.

It is stated that a telegram has been received at the Upper Hall, Ledbury, the residence of Mr WAH Martin, stating that Capt Hugh Martin, son of Mr WAH Martin, has been wounded. Capt Martin is an officer in the Indian Army, his regiment being the Scindi Rifles.

How Norton Soldiers are Fed – The Diet Sheet.

The following is the dietary table at Norton Barracks for the week November 22 to November 28. The table is in two sections, A and B. A is for three companies, and B for three companies. This arrangement is made in order that the cooking apparatus may be utilized to the best advantage.

Sunday. – Breakfast : A, sausages; B, boiled bacon. Dinner : A, baked meat, peas, mixed vegetables, apples and custard; B, curried stew and rice, or steamed meat, mixed vegetables, apples and custard. Tea : A, mixed cakes; b, mixed cakes. For breakfast and tea, bread, butter, and tea is provide each day.

Monday. – Breakfast : A, boiled bacon; b, sausages. Dinner : a, baked meat, peas, mixed vegetables, apples and custard. Tea : A, rissoles and sauce; B, assorted potted meats.

Tuesday. – Breakfast : A, curried liver; B, fried haddock. Dinner : A, meat pies, butter beans; B, boiled meat or steamed meat, currant roll. Tea : A, assorted potted meats. B, rissoles and sauce.

Wednesday. – Breakfast : A, fried haddock; B, curried liver. Dinner : A, boiled meat or steamed meat, currant roll; B, meat pies, butter beans; Tea : A, fried steak and onions; B, tinned fish.

Thursday. – Breakfast : Boiled bacon and tomato sauce; B, pork chops; Dinner : A, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding; B, boiled, stewed or steamed meat, mixed vegetables, jam roll. Tea : A, tinned fish; B, fried steak and onions.

Friday. – Breakfast : A, pork chops; B, boiled bacon and tomato sauce. Dinner : A, boiled, stewed or steamed meat, mixed vegetables, jam roll; B, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Tea : A, jam and marmalade; B, tinned salmon.

Saturday. – Breakfast : A, Yorkshire polony. Dinner : A, brown stew and haricot beans; B, steamed meat or boiled meat, mixed vegetables. Tea : A, tinned salmon; B, jam and marmalade.

Potatoes each day with dinner. For supper soup is issued at 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and bread and cheese every night at 7.30pm.

Information researched by Sue Redding