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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

12th November 1914 - Recruiting boom reported

Rolling casualty count: 482

2nd Batt: In the trenches. Usual sniping. Cpt RW Pepy’s field glasses recovered from a German who was shot trying to get through our line (a very curious incident indeed considering Cpt Pepys was killed on the Aisne near Moussey 2 months ago)

3rd Batt: Ploegsteert: In billets.

Recruiting Boom: The improvement in the rate of recruiting at Norton Barracks, which set in last week, has been more than maintained this week. So far, 137 men have joined in the three days, the totals being 38 on Monday, 66 on Tuesday, and 38 on Wednesday. There is ample accommodation for more men at the Depot, and the arrangements for the men are now quite satisfactory. By this time everyone knows that more men are wanted, and it is hoped that the steady flow of recruits will be continued.

Important Notice to Intending Benedicts: The Chief Recruiting Officer (Maj Reddie) wishes it to be distinctly understood that men who marry subsequent to their enlistment are not entitled to separation allowance for their wives. In the case of a recruit who marries after his enlistment no claim will be admissible unless the claim is covered by the terms of the order of “Separation allowance for dependents.” This order only refers to marriages which have taken place since August 14th. Whilst we give the effect of the Army Order, we might also point out that this order will not affect those men who married since Aug 14th and joined the Army after that date. The young man who joined the Army last week, and was married this week is not entitled to the separation allowance, but the young many who was married last week and joined the Army this is entitled.

Teacher on Active Service: Mr RG Malcolm, a teacher at St Peter’s Boys’ School, Worcester, has enlisted in the RAMC. He is well-known in local theatrical circles. He is a skilful magician, and gave an excellent performance last week to the troops in the Public Hall. He is the son of Sgt Maj Malcolm of the Gordon Highlanders, who took part in the historic march from Kabul to Kandahar, and who is at present the recruiting officer at the Guildhall. Mr Malcolm will leave Worcester on Monday.

Mysterious German at Kidderminster: At Kidderminster Police Court, on Wednesday, a man of good education , who gave the name of Ernest Heinrich Wilhelm Bolmier, was charged with being an alien enemy who had failed to register. The Chief Constable said the defendant admitted that his father was a German, but said his mother was a Swede, and that he was born in Sweden. Defendant said he was a seaman, and used to very hard work, but if they would look at this hands they would come to the conclusion not only that he was a foreigner, but that work was quite foreign to him. The police were not at all satisfied about defendant, who had no papers with him. He said he had a passport from Germany last June, but he had not got it with him. The Bench remanded the defendant, the Clerk telling him the onus was on him to prove that he was not an alien enemy.

Information researched by Sue Redding