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Key dates over November 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

23rd November 1914 - Artillery lose 8-2 to Yeomanry at St. George's Lane

Rolling casualty count: 520

1st Batt: St Avaast ‘A’ Lines: Trenches beginning to get very muddy, owing to rain, but having been dug deeper, afforded better cover, which explains the smaller number of casualties.

2nd Batt: In billets busily refitting. About 50 men in Battalion suffering from swollen feet, unable to get boots on. Medical Officer thinks they will take some time to recover, frosty and very cold;

3rd Batt: Kemmel: Relieved at 11pm by Munster Fusrs and marched at 1am.

Dear Sir, there are now 29 refugees living in the Pershore district under the management of the Committee formed for that purpose, and more are expected shortly. This number includes several men about whom there seems to be some uneasiness in the minds of the public as it is stated on all hands that they ought to be fighting now for their country. The Executive Committee considered that, in fairness to the men, it should be publicly stated that all those eligible for service with the Belgian forces who are in this district have volunteered for this purpose, abut it can be readily understood that it is exceedingly difficult to utilise these offers. Very little of Belgium remains open to them, and the men in this country have no military training and Belgian officers and non-commissioned officers will be required to train them wherever it may be possible. When it is realised that difficulties have arisen in training and equipping our own recruits, the position of the Belgians will be appreciated. I hope you will insert this in your paper in order to explain the position, and I might say, in conclusion, that it is hoped shortly to find all the men work in the neighbourhood. H Basil Harrison, Joint Hon. Secretary.

The death of F Wells, a Worcester man, of HMS Monmouth, is officially reported. He had 8 years’ service in the RMLI. Previous to joining he was a prominent footballer, playing for Cinderella and Worcester City. After joining the Army he played regularly for the Marines. He was the holder of many medals and other prizes as a runner, and won the 120 yds and half-mile races in the Army sports only two seasons ago. His family reside at Shrubbery Road. A brother in the same corps is now serving on the Exmouth. Deceased was formerly employed at Messrs Ward’s Leather Works.

Sports and Pastimes: A football match was played between members of the Artillery and the Yeomanry, who are billeted in the City, on St George’s Lane ground. Most of the best of the Artillery players have gone to join the main Brigade, and their side was weak in consequence. The play, therefore, was rather one-sided and the Yeomanry won by 8 goals to 2. A team drawn from the Worcester Yeomanry met St Paul’s Training College to play rugby. The local side (captained by Lt Melville) included several Birmingham players, but it was handicapped because the members had never played together. The College won by 19 points to nil. The visiting three-quarters showed very good combination. Trooper Hoskins (the Captain of the Birmingham Rugby Football Club) led the home forwards, and he and Trooper Woodward were specially good.

Eleven of the Belgian wounded soldiers who have been treated in the Worcester Infirmary left the city for Folkestone for treatment in a convalescent home. They were conducted to the station and into the train by members of the Worcester Voluntary Aid Detachment.