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Key dates over July 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 4

12th July 1918 - Several Worcester butchers charged

Rolling casualty count: 10232

War Front:

2nd Batt: Two Coys provided working parties in the Green Line. There was a bow respirator inspection and men had a change of clothing

4th Batt: Heavy rain night and morning so flagged attack scheme was postponed. Coys were cleaning up and attending lectures.

Home Front:

There was a large assembly in the gymnasium at the College for the Higher Education of the Blind, on Thursday, on the occasion of the annual prize day. The Headmaster read a letter from Canon W.H. Chappel emphasising remarks he made in his report on the work of the College. Canon Chappel said there had been marked advances since his last inspection, four years ago. The Headmaster read Canon Chappel’s report which referred in detail to the progress which had been made and emphasised the need for an expansion of the College. If the size of the school could be doubled or trebled, the difficulties of the grouping of students would be decreased, and an adequate staff obtained. He hoped that they would be able to accommodate 100 boys eventually, for he believed there were 100 blind boys who ought to be receiving secondary education, and it was desirable that such education should be concentrated in one school because so much special apparatus was necessary. Canon Chappel said there was need for more modern Greek and Latin text books in Braille, and expressed fear that the programme of work was too ambitious for blind boys who must necessarily work slowly.

At the City Police Court, today, several Worcester butchers were charged with selling meat in excess of the quantity prescribed by the Meat Order in exchange for the coupons given to them. They were: Robert James Smith, 31, Foregate Street; Alfred Greenway, 8, Bridge Street; Charles James Ince, 44, Droitwich Road; John Morris, 43, Upper Tything. John Morris, for example, supplied Mrs. Hamblett with 3s. 9d. worth of pork for three coupons value 1s 6d. Mr. Southend said this sort of thing was going on very largely, and that was why the Food Control Committee brought these cases. The Chairman said that this was the first time that offences of that kind had been brought before the Court, and the Magistrates were therefore disposed to impose a mild penalty, but it must be recognised that there had been a breach of the law. They did not intend to discriminate between the offences thought the amount varied considerably, and they imposed a fine of £2 and a solicitor’s fee of £1 1s. in each case.

The tea registration scheme comes into operation on July 14th (Sunday next). Some people are under the impression that, because tea rationing has not been made compulsory throughout the country, it is not necessary to be registered with a retailer. This is incorrect. After July 14th no retailer will be allowed to sell his tea except to his registered customers or to persons surrendering coupons, etc. There will be no fresh registration for tea, and no counterfoils will be used from the ration book. Every person, however, who is now registered with a retailer for tea must before July 21st take his ration book to that retailer, who will enter his name and address in space 6 on the inside of the front cover of the book. Persons who have not yet registered for tea may register before July 21st. In these cases of late application it is not enough merely to take the ration book to the retailer; the applicant must also comply with the procedure of registration in force before July 14th in his district.

Potato Spraying: Weather permitting, demonstrations of potato spraying will be given on Tuesday evening at Astwood Road Allotments, at 6.30pm and at Flag Meadow Walk at 7.30pm. Mr. L.M Marshall, Representative of the Food Production Department, will be present to answer queries.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team