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Key dates over July 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 3

1st July 1918 - Dog owners to give their pets to be trained as Army dogs

Rolling casualty count: 10199

War Front:

1st Batt: Batt in training at Dargnies

2nd Batt: There was violent shelling of the batt area, Chateau Segard Wood, from 2.45am to 3.10 am. Coys working to improve the Lines. There was a visit from the Brigade commander. I OR was wounded.

3rd Batt: Batt returned from Champagne to Flanders. Men waited in Semoine for a day and then entrained.

4th Batt: Batt in camp at Dargnies. Brigade inspection by Divisional Commander Major General DE Cayley, CMG, who presented ribbons to recipients of awards during the operations near Baileux in April. The 88th Brigade was commended for the excellence of turnout, steadiness and marching at the Ceremonial. CSM AJ Simkins and Pte H Royal were awarded the MSM. In the 2nd round of the inter-coy Football Competition.

W Coy beat B Coy 2nd Leinster Reg 2 - nil. Z Coy beat X Coy 2nd Hants Reg 2 - 1.

1/7th and 1/8th Batts: Orders received for 48th Division to move back to Reserve around Arzignano.

9th Batt: A number of British troops had been sent up into Persia to prevent the Germans and Turks from penetrating the defenceless country. They were reinforced by the 9th Batt of the 39th Brigade.

14th Batt The Pioneer Batt were once again in the Front Line in trenches and bivouacs at the northern end of Acheux Wood.

Home Front:

Local Notes: It is exactly half a century ago since Lt – Col. A. Webb, now commanding the 2nd Battalion of the Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment, received his first Volunteer commission and a very wide world will offer their congratulations upon half a century’s interest in and inspiration of the old Rifle Volunteers and of the new Volunteer Regiment. His hearing had been affected by the firing of the Artillery’s old 32-pounder and he left the one branch of the Volunteers for the other. In turn he commanded both the 13th and the 14th Companies of the Rifles and he served under Col. Scobell, Col. Sir Harry Vernon and Col. Victor Milward.

A new War Office request to dog owners to give their pets to be trained as Army dogs might have been worded more tactfully, it is suggested. A list of the kinds of dog required reads: Danes, mastiffs, Newfoundlands, retrievers, collies, sheep dogs and – “large curs.” What dog owner will admit that his pet is a “large cur”? Mongrel is a bad enough description for the dog whose ancestry is uncertain – “large cur” is unkind.

The Mayor’s Fete: On Saturday the Fete was opened by Lord Beauchamp. The programme of attractions was carried out substantially on the lines of Thursday. There were numerous competitions and games under the charge of Mr. E.C. Harrison, and there was an inter-club bowling match between the City, Barbourne, St. Dunstan’s and the County Ground clubs. The dramatic entertainment by the St. Martin’s Dramatic Society was repeated and also the love story from “The Tempest,” under the direction of Miss Gough and Miss Southwell. The Mayor informed us this morning that it is expected the total profits on the two days’ fete will be £1,000.

A generous gift to the Mayor on behalf of the Homes for Disabled Sailors and Soldiers has been made by Mr. Collins, the well-known swing-boat and roundabout proprietor, in promising half the takings for his amusements on Pitchcroft on Wednesday to “The Homes.” Since the war Mr. Collins has assisted many charities in the towns visited by him.

On Saturday afternoon a bowling competition took place under the supervision of Mr. W.A. Young, Vice-Captain of the County Ground Bowling Club. Some keen games were participated in and the final was won by Mr. J. Bean beating Mr. H. Hodges 15-14. The prizes were given by Mr. Young and one guinea was handed over to the Homes Fund as the result of the competition. The Worcester Porcelain Cup offered by the Mayor for the winning club in Thursday’s competition was received by Mr. Young on behalf of the County Ground, in the absence of Mr. F. Morgan, Captain.

Information researched by the Worcestershire World War 100 team