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Key dates over June 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 2

27th June 1918 - Population figures for city published

Rolling casualty count: 10182

War Front:

1st Batt: Batt continued training in artillery formation and attack. One officer joined the Batt.

2nd Batt: CO and Adjutant visited. Batt reorganised in accordance with GHQ letter for a batt strength of 900. Each platoon had 1 Lewis gun section and 2 rifle sections. A working party of 200 OR went to the Green Line.

4th Batt: Draft of 34 OR joined the Batt.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: Capt. Teichman, the regiment`s invaluable MO, left to return to London, to take up a post on the Italian Front. He had been with the Reg throughout the War. All wished him well.

Home Front:

New Fruit and Vegetable Market: The Worcestershire Fruit and Vegetable Society, of which Lady Deerhurst is President and Mr. Willis Bund Chairman, has already achieved substantial success in its efforts to organise the collection and disposal of fruit and vegetable produce, especially of the smaller growers in the county. With the goodwill of the Corporation, through its Markets Committee and of the present lessee, Mr. Griffiths, the Society has taken over the tenancy of the Old Sheep Market from Midsummer and intends there to hold regular auction sales of fruit and vegetables from the surrounding districts, which are being organised in order to supply the Market. Schemes of transport are being arranged, in connection with existing services, and additional facilities will be provided as necessary. It is intended to open the Market in the second week of July on a date which will be announced later.

A new Bacon and Ham and Lard Prices Order has been made by the Food Controller and it will come into force on Friday. The prices to the consumer of smoked or pale dried bacon range from 2s. 4d. per lb. for best cuts to 8d. per lb. for shanks. For green bacon the prices will be 1½d. per lb. less. The maximum price for lard is to be 1s. 8d. per lb.

The Food Controller announces that emergency powers have been granted to Divisional Food Commissioners for the purpose of preventing waste of soft fruit and growers who find difficulty in disposing of their produce to jam manufacturers can apply to the Food Commissioner or their Local Food Committees.

In his report for the first quarter of the present year Dr. Mabyn Read says: The population of the city is estimated at about 50,000. The births numbered only 201, which is 48 below the decennial average. The birth rate per 1,000 of the population was 16.2, which is 4.7 below the rate of the 10 preceding first quarters. The deaths of civilians numbered 171, which is 45 below the decennial average. The number of infants dying before reaching the age of one year was 15, which is no less than 14 below the decennial average and is the lowest rate recorded in Worcester for any first quarter of a year.

Hops: There is a keen demand for all parcels of hops released from cold storage to make room for articles of food and full control prices are obtained for 1917, 1916, 1915 and 1914 brands, while those of earlier growth, which are not controlled, are also sought after at 110s. per cwt. Continual washing has, it is thought, saved the growing plants from the severe attack of aphids.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team