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Key dates over June 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 5

8th June 1918 - Bequest of water-colour pictures to the Victoria Institute

Rolling casualty count: 10021

War Front:

1st Batt: The transport moved to Petit Broussy. Batt still in the Line.

2nd Batt: Batt shelled the enemy in am. C Coy wiring the flank defences. All Coys were gas shelled and 1 OR was wounded.

4th Batt: Parades and training for all Coys. The 29th Division Band played from 5.30-7pm in W and Z Coy Field.

10th Batt: The Batt with the 3rd Batt Worcs remained in the Line under orders of the 19th Division.

Home Front:

A catalogue of agreeable form has been prepared by the Library and Museum Committee of the Sale bequest of water-colour pictures to the Victoria Institute. It commences with a preface by Mrs. Berkeley, of Cotheridge Court, telling how the late Mr. and Mrs. Salt collected pictures, and speaking generally with enthusiasm of their merits. Then it enumerates the 89 pictures, and Mrs. Berkely says something interesting and suggestive about each. The catalogue is supplemented by an appreciative art criticism of the whole, which was published in a Birmingham contemporary. Though not illustrated, as are many modern books of the kind, it is a model catalogue, and it should add greatly to the understanding and the pleasure of an inspection.

The Bishop in the Diocesan Magazine writes: “I wish again to call the clergy’s attention to the growing number of large tablets which are being proposed in our churches. We have really no right to occupy the church wall space in this way. The best way to commemorate those who have died in the war is the brotherly way of one memorial for the whole parish, on which the names of comrades can be inserted. For rich persons to occuply the wall space with memorials which cannot be afforded by poorer parishioners is as objectionable as occupying the floor space by large private pews. I appeal to the Church feeling of my Diocese to consider this.”

The General List: The War Office casualty list published today contains the names of 163 officers, including 57, previously posted missing, now reported prisoners of war in German hands. Casualties in the ranks total 5,260; killed 377, died of wounds 224, died 47, wounded 3,262, missing 1,283.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team