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Key dates over June 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 2

25th June 1918 - Improper Use of Petrol

Rolling casualty count: 10175

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt relieved by the 1st Middlesex and proceeded to Divisional reserve at Brandhoek.

4th Batt: Musketry School Ranges were allotted to the batt from 9am to3pm. Twelve targets were allowed for each Coy. Every man fired 5 rounds at 100yards, 5 rounds at 200 yards and 5 rounds of rapid fire. All ranks tested their small box respirators in the gas chamber under the Divisional Gas Officer.

Home Front:

City Police: Improper Use of Petrol: Samuel Walter Byrd, High Street, Evesham, fruit-grower, was summoned for using petrol without being authorised to do so, on June 3rd. P.C. Drinkwater said he saw defendant using a motor-cycle and when questioned as to his reason, defendant said he was engaged on food production. He afterwards said he was going to Ombersley to buy gooseberries for his father. Defendant produced a licence to purchase petrol. The Chief Constable submitted that defendant might have come by train. Fined 10s.

Seaman Charged: A.B. Arthur Hall (25), 17, Inglethorpe Square, was charged with being an absentee from H.M.S. Cumberland. The Clerk: Are you an absentee? Prisoner: I expect so, if you say so. Det.-Sergt. Handley deposed to arresting prisoner at King William Street and said his leave expired on May 18th. The Chief Constable applied for a remand for a week for the Naval Authorities to be communicated with, which was granted.

Further Concessions to the Public: Eight kinds of books have been printed by the Ministry of Food for the national rationing scheme which comes into operation on July 14th. That for adults is white and for children green and supplementary ration books vary in colour according to the categories of the workers. Travellers and soldiers on leave will also have books and there will be special devices for invalids, vegetarians and Jews. If a book is lost a specially marked one will be substituted, so that a person cannot have two in circulation. Coupons are attached for each article and at the end of the book are spare leaflets, but users must leave these blank until told by public notice how to use them. Concessions are being made to invalids who require special diets and a new list of diseases is being issued to doctors. On July 14th three of four coupons instead of two will be available for butchers’ meat.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team