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Key dates over December 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

10th December 1914 - Kidderminster Poultry Show

Rolling casualty count: 543

1st Batt: ‘A’ Lines: took over trenches, 1 company Black Watch and 1 Squadron Northhamptonshire Yeomanry attached to the Battalion; 2nd Batt: In billets at Bailleul; 3rd Batt: E. Kemmel: In trenches.

“Rumour is a lying Jade” – particularly in Worcester. On Tuesday a number of Yeomen, who were spending a week’s leave in the city, received telegrams telling them to return to their Regiment that day. Thereupon all sorts of rumours were current in the city. One was that the long threatened invasion had taken place, and that every available man was wanted. Our local Territorials, particularly the trained units who are now having a rigorous preparation for future eventualities, are a fine body of men, and doubtless they will appreciate the compliment implied in these rumours. As a matter of fact, their recall was due to nothing more sensation than the change of the place of their war station. It was decided, a little hurriedly, to leave the village where they were quartered for another and more convenient centre.

Kidderminster Poultry Show Increased number of entries: The Bewdley and District Poultry Association held its annual show on Tuesday at Kidderminster in conjunction with the Croad Langshan and Gold and Silver Wyandotte Clubs. The entries numbered over 1000, being 70 in excess of last year. The show was opened by the Mayor of Kidderminstrer (Mr RS Brinton), who said he hoped this country would capture some of the foreign trade in eggs. Over £8,500,000 worth of eggs were imported into this country each year.

An excellent concert was given to the Territorials at the Public Hall by the Worcestershire Musical Society. The Society sang with their usual grace and finish, under the baton of their Conductor, Mr W Mann Dyson LRAM. The large audience was very enthusiastic, and especially appreciated the whistling solos of Mr HE Kendrick, a member of the Society, who appeared in khaki. The patriotism of the Society was evidenced by the somewhat thin ranks of the tenors and basses, due to the response of many of the members to the call of their country.

The King’s Gift to Malvern Red Cross Hospital: The Red Cross Hospital, Newtown, has been honoured by the gift of 71/2 brace of pheasants from His Majesty the King. Since last week several of the wounded soldiers have been discharged as sound, but 11 others, transferred from Birmingham, were admitted on Tuesday.

Information researched by Sue Redding