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Key dates over December 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

7th December 1914 - General French's tribute to the Regiment

Rolling casualty count: 541

1st Batt: ‘A’ Lines: Relieved from trenches and marched by companies to Brigade Reserve Billets Red Barn; 2nd Batt: Battn held in readiness to move at short notice with remainder of Brigade any time after 8am; 3rd Batt: Scherpenber: In billets.

The Tribute to the Worcesters: In the course of a letter from the front, Pte Oliver, Old Hill, of the Worcesters, who has been sent from the front to the base suffering from frostbite, alludes to General French’s visit, and says he used the following words:- “I have been very anxious to see the Worcestershire Regiment, in particular to thank you for the promptness with which you got into action and saved the line, which was in a very critical position. You advanced under a terrible artillery fire on 31st October. You will be rewarded by two honours on your regimental colours – one for the 31st, the other for the 23rd.” On this latter day we made a bayonet charge through a gorse two miles long. There were 1500 Germans killed and 500 prisoners. It was mustard, but we had very few casualties. On the 31st, however, we lost 130 men in half as many minutes. It was murderous artillery fire, the worst we have ever been under. We are having a well-earned rest in a big city, and no matter where you go it’s all “the Worcesters.” We have been congratulated three times by General Munroe and by the general in command of the 7th Division.

Queen’s Gift to Worcesters: Through the kind offices of Mrs. Coleman, of Hanbury Rectory, HM The Queen sent 100 flannel shirts and 500 pairs of socks to Capt Walford for the men of E Company 8th (Reserve) Battalion the Worcestershire Regiment. These were distributed, and three cheers for Her Majesty were heartily given by the Company.

Belgians at the Theatre: On Saturday afternoon a number of Belgian refugees, as well as those of the Belgian wounded at the Infirmary, who are able to go out, attended the matinee of “The Daughter of the Regiment,” performed by the Italian Opera Company. There was a good house, and the Belgians thoroughly enjoyed the singing.

Rally to Colours at Evesham: The Evesham clubs have had so few players that it would hardly be possible to raise a team of any kind. The three Worcester League clubs having contributed about 30 players, Evesham Wanderers head the list with 15, of which nine have joined the Regular Army, three the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, two the Worcester Yeomanry, and one the Worcester Artillery. Evesham United cover such a wide radius for their players that it is rather difficult to get the exact figures of how many have joined the Forces. It is estimated that quite ten or eleven have done so. Of those known, five have joined the Regular Army, and one the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. Three of Badsey Rangers players have joined the Regular Army.

Information researched by Sue Redding