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Key dates over December 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

4th December 1914 - Recruitment Drive

Rolling casualty count: 538

1st Batt: La Gorgue: Relieved 2/Sherwood Foresters in ‘A’ Lines. One company 5th Black Watch attached to Battalion and occupied ‘D’ company’s trenches. ‘D’ Company occupying the support trench immediately in rear of the Black Watch; 2nd Batt: In billets at Bailleul; 3rd Batt: Westoutre: In billets.

All spirited young men, aspiring to promotion, willing to serve their King and Country, have now an opportunity of entering into that OLD AND GALLANT CORPS, THE WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT. Three Battalions are now fighting for the honour of their Country on the Continent, under Sir John French. In the good old days the Regiment: Stormed the heights of ROLEIA; Reaped laurels at the Battle of VIMIERA; Formed the Advanced Guard at OPORTO; Crowned themselves with glory at TALAVERA and fought like lions at ALBUERA.

A GLOWING TRIBUTE: Sir John French in his latest despatch says:-“IF ANY ONE UNIT CAN BE SINGLED OUT FOR SPECIAL PRAISE IT IS THE WORCESTERS.” Young Men of Worcestershire join to-day and help the County Regiment to win another honourable mention in despatches. Just think how proud you will be in years to come if you are able to say “I WAS THERE.” Young men willing to Join will find a hearty welcome, good accommodation, and plenty of food, at Norton Barracks, and their Wives and Children will be Amply Provided For during their absence. Full information at the Local Recruiting Office. GOD SAVE THE KING!

Ripple Man on HMS Bulward: Among those on board HMS Bulward when she was blown up at Sheerness was Pte Charles Hughes, of the Royal Marines, whose home was at Ripple. On Thursday morning about the hour of his death, his grandmother, who had brought him up from childhood, his father being a widower, received a cheery and affectionate letter from him, addressed the day before from HMS Bulwark.

Beer War Tax: The Licensed Victualler of Droitwich and District have decided to provide a “lighter beer,” and retail this at 3d per pint “on and off” and continue to supply the present “standard quality beer” at the full increase of 1d per pint.

8th Worcesters’ Route March: This morning the 8th (Reserve) Worcesters, accompanied by their band, went on a route march through Bransford and Powick. They were caught in the heavy rain which fell at about 12 o’clock, and returned drenched but still cheerful.

More wounded for Worcester Infirmary: This evening more wounded soldiers were brought to Worcester by train. It was expected that 14 Belgian wounded would arrive from Birmingham, but they proved, with one exception, to be British soldiers. The Worcester Voluntary Aid Detachment were present to help to convey the men to the lift, by which they were taken to the station yard. In the precincts of the station was gathered a large crowd to welcome the soldiers and the police and the military had difficulty in keeping back the people. The soldiers were helped or carried to a motor car and taken to the Infirmary. Six of them were suffering from frost bite, two from gunshot wounds in the left hand, one had an injured knee, another an injured eye, and two had been hit by shrapnel.

Information researched by Sue Redding