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Key dates over September 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 24

3rd September 1918 - Summoned for contravening the Lights Order

Rolling casualty count: 10527

War Front:

1st Batt: Batt suffering from the effects of gas and altogether 37 men reported sick

2nd Batt: Batt marched to Humbercourt and repeated the exercise of the previous day. Major EC Underhill MC left the Batt to join the 2/4th BRWS Reg. Conferences held at BHQ were attended by all officers.

3rd Batt: At 4 am, the Batt was in assembly position prior to an attack which was to hasten the enemy`s withdrawal. The Batt was with the 10th Royal Warwicks on its left.

At 5.30am the attack commenced and the enemy put up little resistance. All objectives were taken and I enemy officer and 35 OR were captured. The Line was made good and patrols were sent out.

At 6.30am the 26th Division advanced behind a barrage and there was no resistance. The old British Front Line was searched in front of Neuve Chatel and the Batt extended its Front line taking over from the 2nd Coy ,10th Warwicks.

4th Batt: At 3am, our final objectives were reached with no opposition. Division and Brigade Commander congratulated the Batt on the good work reaching the Line, which was the old GHQ Line.

14th Batt: The Batt moved at 5 am to the area between Fontaine Les Croisilles to Hennacourt Les Gagnicourt and worked on roads again. At 4 pm the Batt moved to the Hindenburg Line south of Gagnicourt.

Home Front:

Alfred Clarence Pankford (23), sailor, 53, Flagmeadow Walk, was charged with being a deserter from his ship. The Chief Constable said the prisoner was arrested on Monday, and he asked the Bench to remand him for a week for enquiries to be made. The prisoner said he wished to compliment the constable (P.C. Knight) on his smart capture. The remand was granted.

Lights Order: Edgar Harry Large (16), Foregate Street, was summoned for contravening the Lights Order. He pleaded guilty. P.C. Jauncey said he saw a light shining through a window in an office at the Shirehall. There was nobody there to put it out, so that it burned all night. He found that defendant was responsible. Defendant said he forgot to turn it off. Fined 10s.

At a meeting of the City Council, today, a letter was received asking the Council to approve of an increase of the fees of the Royal Grammar School. Mr. Fairburn urged that this proposal, and a further one, asking for an increased grant to the School, ought to be considered together by a Committee. He was anxious that the interests of poorer citizens should be safeguarded. The Council divided on the question, and adopted a motion by the Mayor, seconded by Mr. Fairburn, that the two matters should first be considered by the Education Committee.

Lifeboat Day: The Flag Day in aid of the Royal Lifeboat Institution will be held in Worcester on Saturday. Ladies willing to assist are asked to hand in their names to the Hon. Secretary, Mr. E.H. Tillett, 44, High Street, Worcester.

City Tribunals: An amusing circumstance was mentioned by Mr. Maund, appealing for Henry Sanders (51), packer, etc., employed by Messrs. W.A. Beck. He said that the Act applied to those who were not 51 on April 18th last, and in the registration paper Sander’s birthday was given as April 21st, and therefore he was believed to be just inside the Act. As a matter of fact, the registration date was wrong. His birthday was found to be the 14th. His father forgot to register him until April 21st, but Mr. Maund produced the family Bible, which gave the entry of the birth as April 14th, 1867. The Mayor, after examining the entry, said that that showed the importance of looking in the Bible. The Chairman said that it was also a warning to the general public to register births on the proper day. That man’s father might have done a serious injustice by that delay. The Tribunal held that the man was outside the Act.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team