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Key dates over September 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 5

9th September 1918 - Porter’s Alleged Theft

Rolling casualty count: 10570

War Front:

2nd Batt: Coys were training in billets as weather was so wet.

4th Batt: Coys were training and doing anti-gas drill. Lewis gun classes continued under Lt HF Boddington. A draft of 17 OR joined the Batt.

Home Front:

The collection in Worcester on Saturday for the National Lifeboat Institution was attended with great success, and as a result the Hon. Secretary (Mr. E.H. Tillett) will be able to hand over more than £200 to the funds. The sum of £150 was banked on Saturday evening, and to this has to be added nearly £40 in subscriptions, and the money from two depots which had not arrived on Saturday evening. A considerable number of ladies made the collections in the streets and factories. During the morning a tram conductress, having a little time off duty, replaced her uniform with another dress, collected for an hour, and then again donned her uniform to collect fares.

Football: Heenan and Froude’s, Ltd., have accepted the invitation of the Birmingham Suburban League to join them in their competition this season, and have been fortunate enough to arrange their first match at home on Saturday next, their opponents being Wednesbury. Many will remember the old Birmingham and District League days, and most of the clubs under that League are taking part in the Suburban League, so that some good football in anticipated this season on the City’s Ground. Heenan’s are to be congratulated on their well deserved promotion. They are playing most of last season’s players, and it is hoped that Millward, the captain, will have the pleasure of gaining further laurels for his Club, which already hold the Herefordshire Senior Cup and Charity Bowl.

Porter’s Alleged Theft: John James Todd (38), shop porter, late of 24, Bromyard Terrace, was charged with stealing from 24, Bromyard Terrace, a leather bag, valued at 1s.; the sum of £5 5s. in money; and Treasury notes of the value of £2, the property of Annie Bosworth. The Chief Constable said that Mrs. Bosworth had to leave the house to the man and a boy and go away for a few days. On her return she found a box broken into and the money gone. Mrs. Bosworth was away on a visit to a daughter who was ill, so he asked for a remand until her return. It was granted.

Widow’s Offence: Naomi Smith (65), widow, no fixed abode, was charged with a breach of the peace in Pump Street. She pleaded guilty. P.C. Greaves said that on Saturday he saw defendant shouting and waving her arms about like one gone mad. She was not drunk. Prisoner said she must have lost her head. She was bound over in £5 for six months.

Assault: Alfred Black (43), fitter, 12, Middle Street, Arboretum, was summoned for assaulting Ellen Roberts, 10, Moor Street. Complainant said that defendant stood outside her gate and used obscene language. She asked him to go away, but he would not. Defendant later walked away. She followed to see if he had really gone. She saw him fall under a wall. She threw a bit of clay at him and he jumped up, rushed at her, and knocked her down. He went on a little way, when she saw him fall. She went up to him. He was taken to the Infirmary and attended. About half an hour later he came back, broke her window, tore up her marrow seeds, and broke the gate. He then took the bandage off his head, and tied it round the gate. Defendant in evidence, said that he was courting complainant’s daughter for some time, and because of her broke up his home and gave several of the goods to the mother. On the night in question he said he went a little way up the Grove when he heard someone running after him. Just as he turned round someone dealt him a blow, which knocked him unconscious. Complainant denied it, and said that he must have hurt himself when he fell. The Chairman said it was a complicated case, so that they could only deal with the assault on its merits. Defendant was bound over in the sum of £10 for 12 months.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team