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Key dates over September 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 15

27th September 1918 - Battle of the Canal du Nord. Allied troops in France begin an assault on the German Hindenburg Line. Fighting continues until 9 October.

Rolling casualty count: 10739

War Front:

3rd Batt: Batt in support in the Line of Retention.

4th Batt: All ranks rested. Battle stores and flares issued and hot soup served at 7 pm. At 9 pm the Batt moved off to assembly positions in Ypres Defences, preparatory to attacking early am. A pack mule train moved to Goldfish Chateau in the evening.

14th Batt: As soon as Canal du Nord was taken by the Infantry, B and C Coys worked on the crossings leading to Graincourt Les Mauaincourt. A Coy was in Reserve. 1 OR was wounded.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: The day was spent in camp getting sleep and a necessary wash.

Home Front:

Military Cross for Local Officer: T.-Sec. Lieut. T.W. Casey, Worcs. Regt.: One night this officer’s company was heavily bombarded by gas shells, which wrecked a shelter, killing four and wounding and gassing three men. At great personal risk this officer with a N.C.O. crept to their aid, and with difficulty extricated them and attended to their wounds. At this stage the next shelter was hit, causing several casualties, and he again went and rescued them. By his efforts the lives of several of these men were saved.

Sergt. J. Ross, R.A.M.C. (husband of Mrs. Ross, 36, Blakefield Road, St. John’s, Worcester) is in hospital in Italy dangerously ill from bronchial pneumonia. He has been on the Balkan front for three years, and was about to come home on his first leave when he was taken ill. He had just recovered from an attack of malaria.

Mrs. Rodway, of 144, Astwood Road, has been notified that her youngest son, Pte. F.H. Rodway, died on the 26th July a prisoner of war in Geisson, Germany. He went from Ireland to France last December. Until as recently as 8th of July he frequently wrote to his relatives saying in what good health he was keeping. He was 22 years of age.

Increased butter and margarine rations come into force next week – 6oz. per head. As the arrangements for wholesale distribution are not complete, the proportion of butter and margarine cannot be fixed until October 21. After that any registered customer may demand 2oz. of butter and 4oz. of margarine per week.

A meeting was held at the Guildhall on Thursday, when, in view of restricted lighting, shopkeepers were invited to discuss the advisability of closing earlier during the winter months. The Mayor said he was very pleased to convene the meeting for the purpose of giving traders an opportunity of stating their views upon the appeal by the Government to save fuel and light. He wished to put before them complaints that he had received with regard to the dinner-hour closing. He had no doubt that those who had adopted it found it a most convenient course to take, but at the present time nearly everybody was working, and some had said it was the only opportunity they had of shopping.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team