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Key dates over May 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 7

29th May 1918 - Worcester Cycle Thefts

Rolling casualty count: 9863

War Front:

1st Batt: At 11am the Line was evacuated and a new position taken up on the reverse slope of the high ground north of Treslon. The enemy attacked this ridge and after severe fighting, gained the crest, but with more French troops arriving, the crest was regained and retained. A withdrawal to Bouleuse Ridge was made and although heavily attacked, that Ridge was retained.

2nd Batt: A Brigade Scheme took place with A Coy taking the 1st objective, then C Coy passed through them taking the 2nd objective, all wearing box respirators. At the conclusion, the Corps CO, Sir Claud Jacob KCB, inspected the Batt, wishing it every success in the future. He informed the Batt that it was 36 years since he joined the Worcs Reg.

3rd Batt: At 7am the Batt remnants and Transport moved to Passy to find the 74th Brigade. At 4pm Batt ordered by Division to move to Romiguy where the 74th Brigade was found. At 8pm the Batt dug in on the line of Tramery to Lhery Road in support of the 19th Division.

4th Batt: Batt was resting but there were some sports carried out - water polo, swimming races, running races and some football.

Home Front:

Worcester Cycle Thefts – Boys “Mad Pranks” – At the Children’s Police Court, Walter Fennell (15) of Henwick Road, was charged with stealing four bicycles.

Worcestershire Volunteers – Call for Special Service Duty – Lieut Col A Hudson Commander of the Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment met the Battalion Commanders and Adjutants at Regimental Headquarters and pointed out to them that a special call had been received from the Secretary of State for War for a certain number of men of the Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment to serve for a specified period of three months for home defence.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team