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Key dates over May 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 7

7th May 1918 - Worcester Nurse’s Funeral

Rolling casualty count: 9675

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt prepared to move at short notice as an attack was expected in the area. Rum was issued to the men at night. The area was very damp and there was an epidemic of colds and flu running through the Batt.

4th Batt: Our guns were very active. One Coy of tanks (16 Lewis Guns) was withdrawn from the Front Line. A house was burned down to give a field of fire for Sec Bois Defences. Lt JVP O`Connor was wounded. 59 OR carried RE material from the Front line. Wiring to the whole Front Line continued. Patrols saw no enemy.

1/7th and 1/8th Batts: Men issued with khaki drill and pith helmets. Men receiving mail regularly from home and morale quite good.

Home Front:

Worcester Nurse’s Funeral – 19 Years in the City Hospital – The funeral took place on Friday afternoon at Astwood Cemetery of Nursing Sister Catherine Evans, who was at the city Isolation Hospital, Newtown Road, for 19 years and therefore officiated for nearly the whole of the period that the hospital has been open. This was the first case of a nurse dying at the Institution and the whole of the staff who could leave attended the funeral in uniform, the deceased being held in high esteem and great sympathy has been extended towards her during a long and distressing illness.

Worcestershire And The War – M.M. for Bromsgrove Engineer – Sergt R Lomas of the Royal Engineers (Railway Construction Section) of Bromsgrove has been awarded the Military Medal. Sergt. Lomas has been serving since November 1914. Before the war he was a sub-inspector on the permanent way of the Midland Railway. Sergt Lomas has two sons serving.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team