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Key dates over January 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 1

9th January 1917 - School children behind spate of shop thefts

Rolling casualty count: 5186

4th Batt: A French aeroplane was forced to land just outside the village due to high wind.

10th Batt: Batt moved from billets at Gezencourt to Amplier having finished training in the back area.

11th Batt: Still quiet with spasmodic shell fire but not comfortable. The forward trenches are near Horseshoe Hut and the reserve trenches near Chunguntsi.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: Before 2am the force was again on the move to rendezvous with the rest of the Brigade. At dawn troops saw rolling turf and spring flowers in grass instead of endless sand. Rafa ,on a well entrenched low hill, took a surprise attack and their 12 ponder Krupp guns were out ranged by the 19 pounders of the Horse artillery. Firing died down around mid-day ,when men and horse rested and the battle was won around 5.30pm, when wounded and prisoners were collected.

Home Front: At the City’s Children’s Court, today, several charges of shop thefts against young school children, were heard. Florence Beatrice Smith (11), 2 Court, Lich Street, and Francis Donnelly (8), of 13 Court, Friar Street, were summoned for stealing from Mr. E.C.Millingon’s shop, 38, New Street, two dozen gas mantels, value 13s. and also for stealing from 16, The Shambles, 46 hair slides, 18 tablets of toilet soap, 23 sweet stockings, nine metal rings, 18 penny brooches, 18 tin swords, and other articles, of the total of value of £1-6s., the property of Mrs. Sarah Jane Winkle. The girl Smith was further charged with stealing from the doorway of the shop, 63, Broad Street, a girl’s umbrella, the property of Mr. J.S. Wilcox. In the Shambles’ theft case May Smith, the sister of the other girl, was summoned, her age being stated on the charge sheet as eight, but as the mother said the little girl was only six, the charge was withdrawn…The Chief Constable said that there were other charges of shop thefts against the children. They had not been here long, but they were a real pest. The parents apparently took no steps to stop that thieving…Binding the children over for six months, the Bench warned the mothers that unless they took care of them the children might be sent away.

Fire at Orphanage: On Monday evening the City Police Fire Brigade were summoned to a fire at the Royal Albert Orphanage. The Brigade quickly turned out in command of the Chief Constable. On arrival they found that the roof of the laundry at the back of the Orphanage, and adjoining the main building, was on fire. The flames were quickly put out, and very little damage was done by the fire. It is thought that one of the joists in the roof near the chimney caught fire. The Norwich Union Fire Brigade also attended.

Remanded: David Francis Phillips (50), of no fixed abode, was charged with assaulting Richard Montendon at the Theatre Royal, and further with stealing from the Birdport Sunday School an overcoat and other articles belonging to Arthur Jenkins, 37, Model Dwellings, Copenhagen Street, and a pair of gloves and a muffler belonging to Benjamin Spring, 52, The Tything. The Chief Constable asked for a remand for a week for enquiries, and this was granted.

Lieut. Alec Woodhead: Mr. F. Woodhead, Ashdene, Henwick Road, Worcester, has received an official message from the Military Secretary, India Office, reporting that his son, Lieut. A. W. Woodhead, attached to the 2/4 Gurkhas, who was wounded in the chest on Dec. 18th Last, in Mesopotamia, is progressing satisfactorily.

A Young Gambler: Francis George William James (15), 10, Pheasant Street, was summoned for gambling with cards. P.C. Lawley said that on Sunday he saw the lads playing banker on the old school doorway. He watched defendant and three other boys place the cards on the step and then put money on the top. The other boys ran away. His aunt explained that his mother was ill, and his father was in France. Defendant was the eldest child out of 8. Fined 2s. 6d.

Malvern Storm:Narrow Escape: On Monday afternoon, during the height of the blizzard, Mr. F. Ballard, of Colwall, had a narrow escape. He walked over the Hill, via the Wyche Cutting, to attend the monthly meeting of the Hills Conservators, of which body he is Chairman. When passing the Grove on the Wells Road, a tree was blown down just behind him, and it caught the front wheels of a motor-car, and the occupants of which had a severe shock. The sun blind at Mr. A.C. Nott’s shop in Church Street was dismantled by the gale, and fell on the footpath. The roller attached to it was of great weight, and might easily have killed pedestrians, if any had been passing at the time.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team