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Key dates over July 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 3

17th July 1917 - British royal family changes its name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor

Rolling casualty count: 6766

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt onto the training ground at 5.30am for attack practice. The rest of the day was a holiday and men were able to go to the Divisional Horse show, held near Cavillon Wood. We won 1st prize for Pairs, Ride and Drive. Ginger was 2nd in the over 15 hands high jumping.

2/8th Batt: Lt HR Holcroft went to hospital and 10 other ranks went to Casualty Clearing Station.

Home Front:

A Women’s Land Fete was held at Bredon’s Norton on Saturday afternoon, in the grounds of the Manor House Club, by the kind permission of Mrs. And Miss Woodhull Martin. A large number of people were present at the opening ceremony. A number of the members of the Women’s Land Army formed a guard of honour to Lord Coventry, who declared the fete open. All the women in the neighbourhood entitled to land workers’ armlets given by the Worcestershire Agriculture War Service for Women Association had obtained them. To each of these Mrs. Martin presented a sun-hat. All were dressed as workers.

Killed at Rifle Practice: While at target practice at the Tregantle Rifle Range, Plymouth, on Monday, Sergeant Trant of the Worcestershires, was shot dead by a private in the same regiment. The two men had been lying side by side and the private had just risen when the fatal shot was fired. The sergeant’s death will be the subject of the coroner’s enquiry. Meanwhile the private has been detained.

Worcesterhire Soldier’s Bravery: At Dudley Police Court, on Monday, the Mayor presented the certificate of the Royal Humane Society to Pte. John Thomas Ingram, of the Worcestershires. The Mayor stated that on May 20 a six-year-old boy named Sidney Williams fell into a disused marl hole, in which there was 10 feet of water. Ingram, who had seen two years’ service in France and who has been sent home to work as a miner, rescued the boy at a second attempt.

The King today adopted for his house and family the name of Windsor. The Privy Council at which this was done was one of the most important held since the Coronation. The document signed by the King was as follows: “By the King. A proclamation declaring that the name of Windsor is to be borne by his Royal house and family and relinquishing the use of all German titles and dignities. George R.I.”

Drunk: Nellie McWalters (48), 12, Dolday, was charged with being drunk. P.C. Tomlinson gave evidence. Prisoner said that her husband was in hospital in France. She had two glasses of wine and it took effect on her. She was fined 2s. 6d.

At Heron Lodge, on Thursday afternoon, Mr. W. Kilbourne Kay will entertain over 150 wounded soldiers from Norton Barracks, Battenhall V.A.D. Hospital, the Infirmary and other kindred institutions. The programme will include performances by a military band and by a Birmingham troop of pierrots. There will be endless lawn competitions with quoits, bowls, etc., for the soldiers, who are assured of a delightful afternoon.

Tramcar off the Lines: Sunday’s heavy rain had a peculiar sequel in Shrub Hill Road on Monday, when the tramcar from the railway station ran off the rails at right angles by Messrs. Heenan and Froude’s clock tower. The rain had washed grit into the rails and filled the groove in which the wheels of the car should have run. The car was then replaced. A piece of insulated wire was used, one end being placed against the under part of the car and the other end applied to the rail. The pole still being in position, a circuit was formed, and the car was thus gradually removed from its position against Messrs. Heenan‘s works towards the rails, then another car pulled it on the rails.

Reduced Tobacco Prices: The new schedule of maximum prices for tobacco, cigarettes and cigars came into operation on Monday. The Imperial Tobacco Company announce the following new retail prices: Tobaccos: Nosegay, 7d; British Oak, 7d; Nut Brown, 7d; Superfine Shag, 7d; Extra quality Nut Brown, 7½d. Cigarettes: Woodbines (increased in size), 5 for 1½d; Will’s Gold Flake, Player’s Medium, Navy Cut (and similar brands), 10 for 4½d; Three Castles (black paint), 10 for 6d; 20 for 1s. Generally speaking, higher class proprietary tobaccos are reduced ½d per oz.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team