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Remembrance 2016 by Fergus McGonigal

21st November 2016

This poem was written and performed by Fergus McGonigal as part of the Armistice Commemorations at The Hive. 

We would like to thank Fergus and the visitors who contributed to this poem.

Remembrance 2016

For these, we gather each year to remember:

The silence of the guns that first November,

The victory bell, the bugle call,

The blood-red field, the bone-built wall,

The millions killed by bullet, blade or blast,

The promise from the future to the past.

The poets sent us messages of truth:

That battle’s anger sacrifices youth,

Whose wretched flower would never bloom,

Inside its dark, neglected tomb,

Where millions lay to rest, but not in sleep,

Those souls they thought expendable, or cheap.

Time can deceive by letting us forget,

But all of us are bound by timeless debt.

As each new generation learns:

The past remains, the world still turns.

The future’s here, the price so dearly paid.

It’s silent now, the memories yet to fade.