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Key dates over December 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 2

11th December 1918 - Training of Disabled Soldiers

Rolling casualty count: 11573

War Front:

1st Batt: The Batt received the Regimental Colours at a Ceremonial Parade held in the Place du Parc, Tournai.

2nd Batt: It was a wet day and bad for marching. Batt marched to Favreuil, crossing the Bapaume to Cambrai Road, reaching billets in huts at 13.30 hours.

3rd Batt: A draft of 119 men joined the Batt.

4th Batt: The baths were allotted to Z, Y and X Coys. All Coys cleaning up in preparation for a march past the Army Commander.

14th Batt: Education classes and lectures continued. Salvage parties still working.

Home Front:

The inquest has been held after the body of Rev Foster Raine, Army Chaplain, was found by a guard on the Paddington to Plymouth train. He was discovered in a carriage in a kneeling position on a seat, with a silk scarf tied round his neck and fastened to the baggage rack. He was wearing a pair of lady's high heeled brown boots. A verdict of suicide during temporary insanity was returned,

Training of Disabled Soldiers – At a meeting of the Disablement Sub Committee, Major JM Reddie presiding, reported that he had heard from Messrs Brinton Ltd that the Secretary of the Carpet Weavers Association did not agree to the proposal for training discharged men in Axminster carpet weaving because it is anticipated that very shortly a large number of men would be returning again to the trade. The Chairman also reported he had heard from the Earl of Dudley who regretted his inability to lease them Summerfield house as a hospital for paraplegic cases because it had already been offered for sale.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team