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Key dates over December 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 0

12th December 1918 - The Malvern Food Control Committee

Rolling casualty count: 11573

War Front:

2nd Batt: At 0900 hours, the Batt began the march through Bapaume and then through the old Somme Battlefield to Albert. It was wet and muddy everywhere but the Batt marched well, reaching billets at 1400 hours

4th Batt: The baths were allotted to the rest of X and W Coys. The following French decorations have been awarded to these men: Lt Col Tudor Fitzjohn, DSO, the Croix de Guerre a L`Ordre Division, Capt.GF O’Donovan MC, the Croix de Guerre for Brigade, and to CSM B Loone MM, and Cpl O Orbell, the Croix de Guerre for Regiment. A Colour Party consisting of Lt ER Newcombe MC, Lt HF Boddington, RSM Samson DSM, Capt. Hall MM and Pte Cotton proceeded to Worcester to escort the Colours to Germany.

2Lt SO Williams proceeded on duty for England as a Conducting Officer with the Demobilisation Draft.

Home Front:

The Malvern Food Control Committee – A letter had been received from the retiring food controller that it would be necessary at least during the winter and spring to continue the current safeguards for a just and equal distribution of food supplies. Malvern and District Milk Retailers Association considered a suggestion on the pooling of milk, preparing to meet the shortage likely to arise in the winter. A resolution was passed that a system of pooling milk in the Malverns was impractical, would tend to increase the costs of transportation and would seriously affect the quality of milk. Under present conditions each farmer was responsible to his dairyman for the quality of the milk – in a pooling system the tendency would be to produce quantity not quality.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team