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Key dates over February 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 3

3rd February 1918 - WORCESTER FOOD QUEUES

Rolling casualty count: 8494

War Front:

1st Batt: General cleaning up and preparation for inspection by GOC of 8th Division.

4th Batt: This was the 5th day in the Line. It was warm and summery. Batt relieved by 1st KOSB at 9.30pm and marched back to Wieltje. At midnight, Batt entrained for Brandhoek. While in Line, 30 OR were killed and 2 OR wounded.

2/7th Batt: Orders received for a reduction of the Brigade into 3 Batts so this Batt will be disbanded.

Home Front:

WORCESTER FOOD QUEUES – Larger Today – Long as were the food queues in Worcester last Saturday, they appeared to be considerably larger today. Possibly at no time in the history of the oldest residents in the Shambles were there so many people on that thorough-fare as today. The Maypole queue (tea and margarine) was placed in the opposite direction today and it extended along the Shambles instead of into Pump Street and Friar Street. Five or six deep, it spread the whole length of the street. In addition to this mass of women and children, there were smaller queue outside each butcher’s shop, where the people imagined that there was the slightest chance of being served. Even the notice “sold out” did not deter waiting crowds.

WORCESTERSHIRE AND THE WAR – VALUABLE HOSPITAL SERVICES – The names of the undermentioned ladies have been brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for valuable services rendered in connection with the establishment, maintenance and administration of hospitals: - Miss Mary Bridgeford - Beechwood Red Cross Hospital, Miss Maye Bruce - Norton Hall, Gertrude Crawsbay -Red Cross Hospital, Dorothy Diamond - Red Cross Hospital, Frances Martin and Ruby Somers - The Grange.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team