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Key dates over February 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 1

21st February 1918 - Trap upset at Crowle – Accelerates Butcher’s Death

Rolling casualty count: 8517

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt moved to Ypres at 12 noon.

2/4th Batt: X, Y and Z Coys in working parties. W Coy taken to see “Raffles,” by 2nd Batt Royal Fusiliers.

10th Batt: Ration strength of Batt is 33 officers and 642 OR.

14th Batt: HQ moved forward into dug-outs in the old Hindenburg Line, west of Highland Ridge.

Home Front:

THE TRIBUNALS – COUNTY APPEAL – Mr Willis Bund at the Director of Recruiting – A the Worcester County Appeal Tribunal at Stourbridge on Tuesday, Mr Willis Bund, the Chairman, said the Tribunal had at last received a letter from the Director of National Service referring to the case of W H Wilson, Kidderminster, an insurance agent or superintendent. He made two appeals to the local Tribunal, both of which were refused, and one or two to the County Tribunal, both of which were also refused. He was called up and went to Worcester, where his calling up notice was cancelled, according to his own statement, because the Prudential Company agreed to distribute the War Bonds, and he was the man whom they selected, with approval from the War Office, to sell War Bonds.

Trap upset at Crowle – Accelerates Butcher’s Death – On Tuesday at Crowle the District Coroner, held an inquest vouching the death of Adam Cross (71) a retired butcher of Crowle Green. Edward Griffin said on February 5th he was with Cross in a pony and trap. At the Crowle and Pershore cross roads some cows walking suddenly in front of the pony, made the latter shy. The trap went over two piles of dirt and upset. Witness got up in a few minutes and saw Cross lying on his right hand side. Cross got up afterwards and was able to walk. Another trap driven by a friend of the witness then came up and Cross got into it and drove away to catch the pony, which had run away. Cross was later treated for his injuries to the stomach and kidneys, and also for a broken rib. In about a week he was able to get up. The surgeon’s opinion was his death was due to heart failure, hastened to some extent by the shock and injuries received at the accident. Witness knew Cross to have a flabby heart, which would cause sudden death.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team