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Key dates over February 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 1


Rolling casualty count: 8502

War Front:

1st Batt: Batt moved to Eecke at 7.30am, entrained at Goddesvervelte, detrained at Wieltje and went to billets at English Farm Camp. The transport lines were at Ryde Camp.

2nd Batt: There was an ARA Competition for 2 platoons per Coy and B Coy won.

3rd Batt: Batt in Brigade Reserve, washing and cleaning up

10th Batt: Batt proceeded to Front Line and relieved the 10th Royal Welsh.

Home Front:

WORCESTERSHIRE AND THE WAR – PET BIRD FOR WAR FUND – In the interests of the sick and wounded at Norton Barracks, Mr Harry Wakefield of the Bull’s Head, Worcester arranged a ballot for his own pet prize canary and cage and he realised the handsome sum of £13.3s. It is to be noted also that he paid all expenses connected with the ballot and therefore the gratitude of the sick and wounded is all the greater.

LIEUTENANTS EXPERIENCES – Mr J Brettell, Rainbow Hill, has received a letter from his son, 2nd Lieut. F Brettell R.N., telling him that the boat he was in was torpedoed in the Eastern Mediterranean and sank in two and a half minutes. As soon as she was struck 2nd Lieut Brettell rushed on deck and jumped into the sea, swimming about till he caught hold of some wreckage. Three sailors joined him. All four were picked up by a destroyer, were wrapped in blankets and then taken on board a ship.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team