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Key dates over August 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 22

2nd August 1917 - CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE

Rolling casualty count: 6963

War Front:

1st Batt: Divisional Commander of 8th Div visited Batt at Devonshire Camp.

2nd Batt: “A” Coy arrived. Another wet day spent clearing up and inspections.

4th Batt: Wet again. Batt route march in pm.

2/8th Batt: Still very wet. Capt Cliff proceeded to Etaples as a Draft Conducting Officer. 2nd Lt Player joined the Batt.

Home Front:

CHURCH LADS’ BRIGADE “Languishing” Says the Bishop – The Bishop writes “it has been a matter of great regret that the C.L.B. has languished in the Diocese of Worcester. Possibly I am to blame myself for not pressing it sufficiently, but in view of other organisations it has not been easy”. The Regimental Chaplain writes: “During the present war the Church Lads’ Brigade has more than justified its existence, but in this diocese it is moribund. In all Worcestershire there are but two companies, Malvern and St Peter’s (Worcester) and the lack of discipline among growing boys is becoming more and more apparent.

TO THE EDITOR – WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENTAL COMFORTS FUND – Sir, I hope you will be good enough to allow me space in your columns to draw the attention of residents in this county to a fund which has been doing good work for some time past. Hitherto there has been no occasion to ask publicly for assistance, but the time has arrived when a first appeal is justified. Major Reddie of the Worcestershire Comforts Fund writes to me: There are 406 prisoners of war on our books and the number increases; 50 have been added in the past month alone. Every prisoner in Germany is provided with three food parcels per fortnight sent from home and also a weekly parcel of bread from Berne, Switzerland. Every prisoner in Turkey is provided with one parcel per fortnight and a 10s postal order. Up till now, apart from our assured income, our Fund has been maintained by donations, collections in churches, sales, whist drives etc. A large sum of money should be raised at once and in order that we lose no time in making a start, I shall be greatly obliged if sympathisers attend a preliminary meeting at the Shirehall on Wednesday 8th August at 3.45pm. Yours etc., COVENTRY

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team