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Key dates over August 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 30

19th August 1917 - A WORCESTER “OBJECTOR”

Rolling casualty count: 7229

War Front:

1st Batt: Batt returned to Cavalry Barracks, Ypres and at 6pm moved to Halifax Camp.

2nd Batt: Voluntary Service was held in the Church Army tent in am. The remainder of the day was spent cleaning up the camp. A few heavy shells came over during the night.

3rd Batt: Batt still in Steenvoorde referring and training.

4th Batt: Batt moved up into the left sector next to the French at 8pm and relieved the 16th Middlesex Reg. HQ was at Wydendrift and trenches this side of Broenbeek Stream.

2/7th Batt: Batt supplied carrying parties. There were 3 other ranks killed and 26 wounded.

1/8th Batt: B Coy moved from Canal Bank to a position of readiness east of Steenbeek, forming up at 4am. Tanks left St Julien at 4.45am and moved and moved to Triangle Farm and Langemarck Road, firing at Maison du Hibou, from the rear. B Coy, under 2nd Lt Wilkes, sent a platoon forward, which captured and consolidated Maison du Hibou, killing a number of the enemy. Triangle Farm was captured and a concrete building by the Maison and the cross-roads at the Triangle. 12 prisoners were taken and a light machine gun was captured. A Coy took over Hillock Farm from the 145th Infantry Brigade.

2/8th Batt: There was very heavy shelling day and night. Batt established a joint post with the 9/10 HLI. 6 other ranks killed and 14 wounded.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: El Henu was lower and very hot and men bothered by mosquitoes and sand flies, making sleep

Home Front:

TRAINING OF DISABLED MEN – Work of West Midlands Committee – An indication of the extent of the problem which has to be faced in providing treatment and training for discharged and disabled soldiers and sailors was given at a meeting of the West Midland Joint Disablement Committee on Wednesday, where it was stated that in the district covered by the organisation there are upwards of 17,500 such men.

A WORCESTER “OBJECTOR” – Sentence of Two Years Hard Labour – Pte E Baldwyn of Worcester, was released from Exeter Prison on August 7th, taken to the South Raglan Barracks, Devonport, under escort, tried by Court Martial on August 11th for refusing to wear uniform and received sentence of two years’ hard labour.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team