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Key dates over June 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 6


Rolling casualty count: 6641

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt were allotted the Corps Rifle Range for the pm. Another cricket match played in the evening.

3rd batt: Day spent resting and refitting. The Corps and divisional CO made informal visits to congratulate the troops on their success in recent battles.

4th Batt: Coys marched to the baths at Monterlet

10th Batt: Batt was relieved by the 7th East Lancs and proceeded to Murrumbidge Camp.

Home Front:

SUGAR FOR JAM – Retail Precautions – In connection with the issue by the Sugar Commission of sugar for domestic preserving of fruit, the Food Controller has made an Order called the Sugar Domestic Preserving Order for the purpose of securing such sugar shall be only used for the purpose for which it is issued. Sugar for fruit grown by the preservers may only be disposed of by the retailers, in accordance with directions given by the Sugar Commissioners, to persons who have made formal application.

POTATO DISEASE RUMOURS – Rumours, more or less circumstantial, of outbreaks of potato disease, or later blight, have been circulating freely during last week. Up to the time of writing no proven case of the existence of the disease in this country this season has been brought to the notice of the experts at the Food Production Department.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team