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Key dates over June 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 5


Rolling casualty count: 6686

War Front:

3rd Batt: At 10.20pm the Batt resumed the march for Coyeque, arriving at 3pm.

4th Batt; Batt marched to Doullens and billeted there.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: During the pm, a British airman dropped a message that 3 of his brother airmen had been shot down or forced to land in the desert west of Khalassa and that the planes were in need of protection from the Turkish patrols and scavenging Bedouins. The airmen had escaped to a Cavalry Post at Basal. At 5pm, men rode the 12 miles to the planes and although the Bedouins lit bonfires, there was little resistance

Home Front:

TO THE EDITOR – CORPORATION SPRAYER AND PRIVATE ALLOTMENTS – Dear Sir, the City Engineer, with commendable energy and forethought, is circularising to those who hold allotments under the Corporation to the effect that they may have their potatoes sprayed for 1s per eighth of an acre. This will be such a boon and is so very necessary that it seems a pity that the advantage cannot be extended to the many private allotment holders in the city.

JAM MAKING AT HOME – No Sugar for Purchased Fruit – The Royal Commission on the Sugar Supply announces that it has now completed its arrangements for the distribution of sugar to fruit growers for domestic preserving under the special scheme recently announced.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team