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Key dates over June 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 48

7th June 1917 - Battle of Messines. After the explosion of 19 huge mines, British, Irish, Australian and New Zealand troops seize the Messines Ridge south of Ypres. Fighting continues until 14 June.

Rolling casualty count: 6610

War Front:

3rd Batt: The strength of the batt going into action was 618 other ranks. At 3.10am under cover of the greatest weight of artillery fire employed in battle, the batt moved into the assault. B Coy on the left entered Nutmeg trench and part of it was captured. B Coy then went on and captured the line at Bell farm. Strong concrete dugouts had withstood the barrage on this line and they contained about 60 Germans. Some were killed and others taken prisoner. A and B Coys went forward again and took 20 more prisoners. Movement to the left to L`Enfer Wood attacked October Support trench, held it and 9 more prisoners were taken.

4th Batt: Published in Batt orders was,”For gallantry in the field, the Military cross was awarded to Lt H Craven.”

2/7th Batt: Men training from 5am to 10am and 5pm to 7 pm. B Coy was on the Range from 2pm to 4pm.

10th Batt: Zero hour was 3.20am when Batt went forward and captured their objective. Capt EW Buller and 2nd Lt TN Clee were wounded. 9 other ranks were killed and 56 wounded.

11th Batt: Batt relieved and marched by stages to Moravba, Hirsova and the railway station of Caushitza.

SMD RFA: Area heavily shelled by all calibres up to 8 inch guns. Personnel were withdrawn and there were no casualties For sniping purposes, a Howitzer and some other guns were put forward in Boursis and surrounding area.

Home Front:

SEVERN FISHERY BOARD SALMON CLOSE SEASON – Powick Weir and Grating - The Chairman of the Severn Fishery Board said the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries had appointed a committee called the Fresh Water Fisheries Committee, which had to consider whether any considerable addition to the home food supplied could be provided from the rivers, lakes and ponds of the United Kingdom. The communication from the Committee asked for an estimate of the existing stocks, and the best methods of securing a better output of eels.

PAYMENT TO RECRUITS COURT MARTIAL AT NORTON – Fraud Alleged Against Corporal - A District Court Martial was opened at Norton Barracks, Worcester today, when ten charges of alleged fraud were preferred against Cpl W Lawrence, Depot, Worcestershire Regt. The first charge was for the purpose of purporting a document to be genuine, thereby obtaining the sum of 6s.6d. with intent to defraud. The second charge was that he improperly obtained a signature to a blank form of receipt. The eight remaining charges were exactly similar.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team