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Key dates over May 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 9

5th May 1917 - Battenhall entertainment for wounded soldiers

Rolling casualty count: 6311

War Front:

2nd Batt: Training in manning and blocking trenches also in musketry.

4th Batt: About 100 shells fell on our billets between 2-4am. Training carried out on the racecourse. A heavy thunderstorm at 5.15am cooled the air. Systematic cleaning out of billets commenced and much rubbish was removed

2/7th Batt: More patrols were sent out and were fired upon heavily after a Very light was thrown at them but the men withdrew safely.

10th Batt: there was a heavy bombardment of our line lasting for ½ hour started at 9.30pm. Support Coy shelled until 4am. A hostile aeroplane was brought down outside Larch Wood.

SMD RFA: D Coy wagon lines moved to Hamelot and C Coy lines moved to Bouchy Park.

Home Front:

Food Regulations: The following is a summary of the orders issued by the Food Controller from time to time and now in force: Hotels, restaurants, clubs, boarding houses and refreshment places generally are rationed by bulk according to the ascertained weekly average of meals served in them. The allowance of meat is based on an average of 5ozs for each luncheon and dinner and 2ozs for each breakfast served on non-meatless days; bread, 2ozs for each breakfast, luncheon, tea and dinner, with 1oz of flour for each luncheon and dinner; sugar, 2-7ths of an ounce for each breakfast, luncheon, tea and dinner. Tuesdays are meatless days in London and Wednesdays elsewhere in the Kingdom. Potatoes must not be served except on meatless days and Fridays. The making of any light fancy pastries, muffins, crumpets, fancy tea cakes and other light articles of food is prohibited. Cakes, buns, scones and biscuits which are permitted, must conform to certain requirements as to the amount of sugar and wheaten flour that may be used. Fifteen per cent of sugar is allowed in cakes and biscuits; 10 per cent in buns. No sugar may be used in scones. Not more than 30 per cent of wheaten flour many are used in cakes and 50 per cent in buns and scones. No ornamented cake of bun may be made.

Entertainment at Battenhall: So popular was the Historical Pageant performed by girls of Red Hill School at the recent entertainment at the Public Hall that Miss C. Campbell, who coached the children, was asked to repeat it for the wounded soldiers at Battenhall V.A.D. Hospital, especially for the benefit of those who were unable to visit the Public Hall. On Friday evening, therefore, the pageant – a condensed story of Britain’s progress as an Empire from the time of King Alfred to that of Queen Victoria – was performed in the Recreation Room at the Hospital, before an extremely appreciative audience.

Scarlet Pimpernel Day: Today in Worcester and district, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire are holding their second annual “Pimpernel Day” for the benefit of the Worcester Infirmary and the Motor Ambulance Fund of the Order. “Pimpernel” Days have been held all over the country, and have been instrumental in raising about £6,000. Each ambulance (built to War Office specifications) cost about £500 and twelve have been presented to the War Office up to date.

Leigh Sergeant Ill: Mrs. F.O. Bomford Leigh, has received news that her nephew, Sergt. Frederick James Wenden, of the Army Veterinary Corps. is in hospital suffering from rheumatism. He is a well-known in Worcester. He assisted his uncle and was learning the science of farming. He joined the A.V.C. two years ago and had been in France for 12 months.