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Key dates over March 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 1

14th March 1917 - Thomas Kay allowed further 2 months to prepare for land work by Tribunal

Rolling casualty count: 5675

War Front: 2nd Batt: The attack formation was practised on the Parade Ground.

4th Batt: Men had baths at the Divisional baths. They proceeded with night operations to practise out-posts.

2/7th Batt: During the night the 14th and 15th Batt were relieved by A and D Coys in the Stone Quarries. B and C Coys were in billets at Framerville. One man wounded.2/8th Batt: Batt took over the Line from the 2/7th Worcs, holding from Repos Trench to Lihons and Chaulmes. 3 men evacuated sick.

Home Front: Worcester Tribunals: The Military asked for a review of the exemption granted to Thomas Kilbourne Kay (33), general manager of Messrs. Kay and Co., Ltd., on the ground that he was not engaged in work of national importance. Col. Webb said exemption was granted previously because the business was one producing considerable income, and was regarded as of national importance. But now the view had been modified, and the Tribunal had to consider whether the business was essential. Col. Webb was about to question Mr. Kay, when he addressed the Tribunal, and said if they would grant him an extension of two months he should be extremely obliged. That would give him time to fix up domestic affairs and business matters, and he would then join up. The Tribunal granted his request. The Chairman said as he was interested in the firm he should not adjudicate, and he left the Bench while the case was decided….Messrs. Lea and Perrins applied for two – Hynett and Burton. The Clerk said Mr. Perrins had written stating that he was ill and he asked for an adjournment. Col. Webb said that Hynett was passed for C3, and if he was left Messrs. Lea and Perrins would not ask for Burton. On that condition he assented to Hynett remaining. Burton’s exemption was withdrawn and Hynett’s confirmed; to work one day on the land.

Worcester County Court: An application was made by Mr. Tree, on behalf of Mr. J. Gilson Sheild, Clerk to the Worcester Board of Guardians, for an order with reference to the estate of Patience Bearcroft, who had been an inmate of the Workhouse for many years and whose maintenance had cost the Guardians a considerable amount of money. The application was that the Guardians should be allowed to sell some freehold property belonging to the deceased in order to recoup themselves for the expenditure. The Judge made an order for the sale, and directed the amount derived from it to be paid into Court.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team