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Key dates over March 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 2

6th March 1917 - See "East Lynne" at the cinema this week!

Rolling casualty count: 5651

War Front: 1st Batt: The Corps Commander, Lt Col Sir John Du Comer, inspected the Batt and congratulated them on gallantry shown.

2nd Batt: Batt marched with full transport from Suzanne via Bray to Corbie. Only 2 men fell out although full packs were carried. Men had dinner en route.

10th Batt: Half a Coy was working on the roads, the remainder were in training. Men allotted baths.

Home Front: Silver Cinema: There were two crowded houses at the Silver Cinema on Monday, where the chief film, adapted from Mrs. Henry Wood’s novel, is “East Lynne.” Most people have read the book and seen the play. Now they have the opportunity of seeing the film It is well-staged and photographed. The story seems to be as popular as ever; though one doubts whether a moving picture will ever gain the hold of the public which the play has obtained. The absence of the dialogue deprives the performance of a very effective appeal to people’s sympathies. From this picture the audience turned, probably with relief, to one in which Charlie Chaplin appears – “As busy as ever can be.” It is more genuinely amusing than some of the comedies in which he appears.

Worcester Boy Wounded: Mrs. Attwood, 9, Regent Street, Worcester, has just received news that her son, Pte. W. Attwood, has been wounded in the eye and lip. He has been in France over two years. She has two other sons, also three sons-in-law, serving in the Army. One has been killed.

Postman’s Sudden Death: Mr. James Rossiter, a well-known postman, died suddenly on Monday at his house in Somers Road. He was apparently in good health early on Monday morning. He had spent all his career at Worcester Post Office, starting as a telegraph messenger.

Seed Potato Supply: In response to the advertisement issued by the Chief Constable, the Hon. Secretary of the City Supply and Demand Committee, there were some 500 applications for the seed potatoes secured by the Committee for the small growers in the city. Altogether 16 tons have been received at the Police Station and stored in the cellar, and the remaining six tons are expected shortly. These are being weighed out in small quantities ready for distribution. The police officials have thrown themselves heartily into this new work of potato merchants, despite the fact that this duty has come upon them at a busy time.

A mass meeting will be held on Wednesday evening in the Public Hall, Worcester, to promote Mr. Neville Chamberlain’s “National Service” scheme. His latest pronouncement is that he wants 500,000 men to release (and supply) the large numbers of soldiers required by Sir Douglas Haig in the coming summer.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team