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Key dates over March 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 0

19th March 1917 - Government cuts down on sugar

Rolling casualty count: 5684

War Front: 3rd Batt: Batt marched to billets in Sec-Bois.

4th Batt: Batt left Meaulte at %.45am, entraining at Edgehillat 7am. Men detrained at Airanes and marched to Molliens-Vidame.

2/8th Batt: Batt advanced to Dreslincourt, billeting in the village.

10th Batt: Batt engaged in cleaning up am and played football pm.

SMD RFA: At 1am a section of guns moved over the Somme River and the Canal, crossing at Bazincourt Farm on pontoons. Section proceeded via Halle into action from Three Tubs Wood to Doingt. At 10pm a section moved into Flaucourt and Barleux and came into action in Chappelette but there was no enemy in range

Home Front: Less Sugar for Sweets: The Food Controller has made a Sugar (Restriction) Order, dated March 16, by which all manufacturers making any article for sale are limited during the year 1917 to the use of 40 per cent of the sugar used by them for manufacturing purposes in the year 1915. During the first six months of 1917 one-half of the permitted amount may be used. In each of the following quarters a further quarter of that amount is allowed. Manufacturers are allowed to carry forward from one period to another any surplus unused by them in any foregoing period. The Order applies to the manufacture of all articles except jam, marmalade, and condensed milk.

St. Clement’s Pulpit Laments: About six weeks ago Mr. Richings underwent a serious operation at the Bath Road Nursing Home and appeared to be making a good recovery. He was removed to his house about a fortnight ago, but it was feared that the operation had not been so successful as was anticipated. Mr. Richings took a keen personal interest in his parishioners, and was beloved and esteemed by them in return…He leaves a widow, two sons, and a daughter. The deep sorrow felt by the parishioners was manifested at the Church services on Sunday. The congregations were larger than usual, and most of those present, even the poorest, wore tokens of mourning. There were many touching expressions of sympathy with Mrs. Richings and her family.

Colwall Man’s Double Distinction: Sergt. A. Spilsbury, Worcestershire Regt., who was awarded the D.C.M. early in the New Year (for rescuing a man under a terrific fire) has now received a notification from France that he has been awarded , also, the French War Cross.

Worcester Man Mentioned in Orders: Corpl. F.T. Walters of the Worcestershire Regiment, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walters, Dines Green, writing home to his parents, refers to the death of his pal, Ernest Stallsworth, who joined up with him. Corpl. Walters states that he himself was recently mentioned in battalion orders for bravery in bringing in a wounded man under fire. Corpl. Walters before the war was gardener for Miss Binyon, Henwick Grove. In 1915 he was wounded in France, and was invalided home, and on recovery went out to the front again.

Cycling Fatality near Worcester: A fatal motor-cycle accident occurred at Stanford Bridge on Sunday night. It is stated that a man named William Short, of Belbroughton, whilst riding a motor-cycle, lost control of the machine, ran on to the footpath, and collided with a pedestrian. They cyclist turned a somersault, breaking his neck, but the other man escaped with injuries to his leg.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team