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Key dates over March 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 5

5th March 1917 - British government approves the creation of a National War Museum in London (changed to the Imperial War Museum in December, to reflect the efforts of people from across the Empire)

Rolling casualty count: 5649

War Front: 2nd Batt: new clothing was issued to lighten the transport for the move.. baths were allotted to batt.

4th Batt: Batt moved on foot to Meaulte via Bray. Billets poor and insufficient with the whole Brigade in one village.

2/8th Batt: Snow fell all day. 8 other ranks arrived from base. I other rank evacuated sick.

10th Batt: Batt moved back to Bus and had use of the baths.

Home Front: To the Editor: Coal: Dear Sir,- In consequence of Mr. Chief Constable Byrne’s advertisement in your paper for people to apply to him, and his recommendation to them to come to me for coal, I have been lately overwhelmed with demands for small supplies. Since the meeting held at the Guildhall (about a month ago) by the coal factors and retailers of this city, there has been practically a coal famine in the Barbourne district, and although I have for some time discontinued the supply of loads to my regular customers, preferring to sell same in ½-cwt and cwt issues (in fact my horses have been practically idle in that part of my business for over a fortnight), I am now without a cwt in stock, and unless I can receive immediate help in the way of supplies, shall be compelled to close down that part of my business, much to my regret, and the painful consequences to scores of the poorer housewives of this district in coal supply. A.W. Oliver, St. George’s Lane.

Worcester Corporal: News has been received that Lce. Corpl. Ronald Roy, of the Worcestershire Regiment, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Roy, of Shrubbery Avenue, has been killed in action. Lce.-Corpl. Roy is the youngest of three brothers serving in the Worcestershires, and has been out at the front for about two years. He had just had his 21st birthday, and was formerly employed at Messrs. Baylis Lewis and Co.

Local Officers “Invested.” Among the officers honoured at Buckingham Palace on Saturday by the King were Colonel Ralph Lyon, R.F.A, of Malvern, and Major J.M. Reddie, Secretary of the Worcestershire Territorial Association, who were invested by His Majesty with the insignia of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Civil Division.

Man Drowned at Evesham, Two Months in River: The body of Benjamin Spragg, aged about 67, labourer, Offenham, was found in the River Avon, near Abbey Manor, by James Blanch, on Saturday. Deceased had been missing from his home since January 11th. On that day was seen near the Fish and Anchor Inn, about 2.30, but he did not return home, and his hat and basket were found on the river bank near Offenham. The river was then in a flooded state, and later it was covered with ice. If Spragg were drowned near where his hat was found the body had drifted down about four miles and over the Evesham weir.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team