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Key dates over March 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 4

8th March 1917 - Ancient tithe barn in Trinity, Worcetsre, demolished for street widening

Rolling casualty count: 5663

War Front: 1st Batt: Batt moved up again and there was fighting going on from Fritz Cut to Fritz Alley.

4th Batt: Half the men had baths. Later there was a lecture on the Lewis Gun.

2/7th Batt: Batt left Harbonnieres at 2,30pm. A and B Coys went to trenches in Kratz Sector. C and D Coys, plus HQ, billeted at Vauvillers.

2/8th Batt: Batt moved to billets at Framerville. Two men evacuated sick.

Home Front: Amputated Limb put on Again: The son of Mr. J.O’Grady, M.P., Chairman of the General Federation of Trades Unions, was severely wounded some months ago, has provided another instanced of the marvels of surgery during the present war. It was necessary to take one of the arms off, and the surgeon responsible for the operation cut some bone out of the amputated limb, put the arm on again, sewed the tendons together and now the arm is so well that the patient can use it and is able to lift a cup of tea slowly to his mouth. The difference between the two arms is that the injured arm is about 2½ inches shorter than the other.

In Worcester the last tithe barn, St. Martin’s, The Trinity, was to be demolished to widen the street. It was thought it had been very largely modernised, and was formerly the Rector’s barn. It is known that when the old houses were removed to make a site for the new Boys’ School, the east end of the barn had only timber and plaster between. This had to be then filled in with bricks. The demolition of this barn would therefore cause no pain to antiquaries.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team